Diamond quotes Beyonce in iconic Love Is Blind scene - Netflix moment breakdown!

Despite the fact Diamond Jack didn’t make it to the Love Is Blind altar, that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most memorable cast members on the series.

In fact, her relationship with Carlton Morton was one of the most talked about of the entire series thanks to a fight they had on their pre-Honeymoon trip to Mexico. Although the fight resulted in tears and plenty of online trolling, it all looks like water under the bridge now for this couple as they made amends at the Love Is Blind reunion (Thursday, March 5th).

However, Diamond couldn’t help but throwback to her iconic moment during the fight where she quoted Beyonce lyrics as she stormed out. Here’s what Diamond was on about at the reunion for those who didn’t catch it!

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E11 – Netflix

Diamond Jack on the Love Is Blind reunion

The Love Is Blind reunion had many surprises in tow, one of the biggest being the reunion of Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers as a couple!

But one of the most awkward reunions was between Diamond and Carlton; the last moment we saw of them together on our screens was when Diamond threw a drink in his face and fled the scene.

Despite the fact her Love Is Blind journey did not go all too well, Diamond is now thriving, studying for a PhD in optometry.

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When asked by Vanessa Lachey how she was doing at the beginning of the reunion, Diamond said: “I’ve been good, I’ve been waiting on Beyonce to call me. Everybody has been loving that for some reason; that I quoted her.”

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Diamond quotes Beyonce

During the fight with Carlton, Diamond walked away from the scene quoting Beyonce’s ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’.

Diamond said:

Watch my ass to the next d***, boy. Who the f*** do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average b****, boy!

Beyonce released this track on her 2016 album Lemonade which largely addressed the breakdown of her marriage with Jay-Z after revelations emerged of his infidelity. So, although the situation isn’t quite the same for Diamond and Beyonce, the sentiment is there.

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E4 – Netflix

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E4 – Netflix

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E4 – Netflix

Diamond stans come out in full force

After the fight with Carlton, both of the Love Is Blind stars faced backlash from viewers. In the reunion episode, both Carlton and Diamond revealed that the trolling had gone to the extent that death threats had been made against them online.

Many were Team Diamond just purely based on the interaction with her and her fiancé. But after she quoted Beyonce, Diamond had many more on her side.




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