Giannina from Love Is Blind: Where is she from? Venezuelan heritage explored

Love Is Blind came to its dramatic end on Thursday, February 27th as the five remaining couples decided whether they wanted to get married or not.

The five couples who hit the alter were: Damian and Giannina; Kelly and Kenny; Jessica and Mark; Barnett and Amber; Lauren and Cameron. It was only the latter two couples who said “I do.”

Damian and Giannina had one of the most talked about and controversial relationships on the Netflix show, as they were constantly fighting and at wits end with one another. Largely down to Giannina’s feisty personality!

So, who is Giannina? We’ve done some digging to find out more about the Love Is Blind star, from heritage to her background growing up in Venezuela.

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E8 – Netflix

Get to know Giannina Gibelli

Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli is a 25 year old living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

While on Love Is Blind, Giannina found love with 27-year-old general manager Damian Powers. Although their connection was as strong face-to-face as it had been in the ‘pods’, their relationship quickly turned into one of the most fiery of the series. Giannina and Damian had a rather dramatic conclusion to their relationship by the tenth episode!

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Giannina works as a small business owner, however it hasn’t been clear exactly where she works. One source suggested her business is in retail. From the looks of her Instagram, where she has plenty of modelling pictures, this job working in the fashion industry would make sense.

In Giannina’s Instagram bio, she describes herself as a “soulpreneur.”

Where is Giannina from?

Giannina is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. If that city name is ringing a bell, it is potentially down to its infamous rep. Year after year, Caracas has topped the list of ‘most dangerous cities in the world’. But Caracas is also a vibrant city, filled with a fascinating history and culture, incredible landscapes and food.

In one of her first deep interactions with Damian, Giannina opened up about moving from Caracas to the United States and how difficult the move was. Giannina and her family moved to Florida.

Speaking about moving from Venezuela in episode 2, Giannina explained how hard it was for her. She said:

I was different. I got picked on a lot in high school and for just some reason I felt inadequate. This is hard for me.

The Gibelli family

In episode 7 of Love Is Blind, there was a special ‘meet the parents’ episode.

In this episode, we got to meet Giannina’s parents, Milady and Giovanni. Both of Giannina’s parents primarily speak Spanish and she spoke Spanish to them in the episode.

Spanish is primarily the language spoken in Venezuela, but Gigi is bilingual as she grew up in Florida.




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