Is Love Is Blind UK on the cards? Application process and international versions discussed with Netflix

Wedding dresses at the ready, as Netflix fans around the world have gone crazy for their brand new dating series Love Is Blind and are in the mood for some romancing themselves.

The three week long event kicked off on Thursday, February 13th, culminating in the wedding ceremony which aired in a two-hour special on Thursday, February 27th.

The bizarre dating series has captured Netflix viewers’ attention from around the globe, and now, UK viewers are demanding that they make a British version of the show. So, will there ever be a UK series?


Love Is Blind: the UK version

Love Is Blind has proven itself as the surprise smash hit of the reality TV dating world. At first, you might not think the bizarre concept – agreeing to marry someone you’ve never seen before – might not work, but it has proven a success!

Since it gained a huge fanbase at home in America and beyond, British viewers have taken to tagging Netflix UK’s Twitter account in their tweets, demanding a British series.

British TV presenter Snoochie Shy tweeted: “Hello can we have a UK version of #LoveIsBlind pls?”

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A DJ called Melody Kane tweeted to Netflix UK to say: “We need a #LoveIsBlind UK version please. Please accept this as stage one of my audition application.”

So, people are pretty keen!

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Could there be a UK version?

Potentially, given the success of the dating series so far.

It’s not unlike Netflix to take an idea of one reality series and bring it to another country. That is exactly what they did with British reality series The Circle, when they launched it in the US last year.

So, there’s always a chance they could do the reverse and bring the American series to Blighty. Fingers crossed!

When Metro asked the show’s creator Chris Coelen about taking the show to the UK, he said: “Absolutely! 100 per-cent yet. Let’s make it happen, I’d love it.’

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Love Is Blind UK application

As the idea that Love Is Blind would come to the UK is just an idea at the moment, there are no details about the application.

Neither the producers nor Netflix have announced much about the application process or requirements.

Chris Coelen did tell

We picked participants really based on the feelings that they expressed and our judgement about whether or not they were really interested in exploring a lifelong relationship and/or getting married… I don’t think any one of them really felt in the way that it happened for them, that it was going to happen.

He also explained that he was keen to look into recruiting applicants from different places and how that would work.

So, until Chris releases more details about how to apply, Love Is Blind will remain a far-off dream for many.

Watch Love Is Blind season 1

The series kicked off on Netflix on Thursday, February 13th – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Five episodes were initially uploaded, with a following four coming to air on Thursday, February 20th.

The grand finale episode aired on Thursday, February 27th which featured the big wedding days of the five remaining couples.

As the series was filmed way back in October 2018, they then went on to produce a bonus reunion episode which is available on both Netflix and YouTube.




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