Love Is Blind: What is Kelly Chase's job? Netflix star has a career change from health coach!

Love Is Blind is Netflix’s new dating series which has quickly gained the rapt attention of the world since it kicked off on Thursday, February 13th.

The show sees men and women embark on a dating experiment to test the theory that ‘love is blind’. Over the course of ten days they get to know one another in isolated ‘pods’. Then, when they have found their love, one proposes and they finally get to see each other face-to-face. The experiment lasts thirty-eight days and at the end, the couples have to decide whether they actually want to go through with the wedding.

Kelly Chase was one of the contestants who found love in the pods. But just who is Kelly? What is her job? Find out here!

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E10 – Netflix

Get to know Kelly

Kelly Chase is a 33 year old living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Kelly had less airtime than some of the other couples on Love Is Blind, she definitely knew how to go out with a bang, shocking audiences with her decision not to marry 27 year old Kenny Barnes.

Kenny and Kelly were one of the strongest couples from the outset, who definitely did not have a fiery relationship in comparison to Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers or Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas. So, when their relationship came to a dramatic end in episode 10, many viewers were shocked at Kelly’s action.

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When asked whether she wanted to be with Kenny at the alter, Kelly said: “I love you, but I don’t. I can’t marry you and I hope that you can appreciate and respect that decision of mine.”

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What is Kelly’s job?

Kelly was a health and empowerment coach. She created her business ChaseLife way back in 2013 after finishing her certification as a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

On Kelly’s ChaseLife Facebook page, she said her goal is to help people balance “the Primary Foods: Relationship, Career, Exercise and Spirituality.”

She offers detailed food and exercise plans, tailored for individual needs. Kelly also offers 21-day crash courses, 3-month and 6-month programmes.

While on Love Is Blind, Kelly was open about her struggles with weight and confidence, talking about how that impacted her dating life. In episode 2, Kelly said:

The dating scene for me has never been right. I had gained forty pounds a few years ago and I’m still not where I’d like to be. But then I’m like ‘Kelly, someone out there thinks you’re beautiful the way you are’.

Kelly talks job change on the reunion

In the reunion special which aired on Thursday, March 5th, Kelly explained that while she has not been focussing on the dating game, she has been working on her career.

Kelly said in the episode:

So, I am still single, but I did a few career transitions since the show. I also dated one of my best friends since the show.

We found Kelly’s LinkedIn profile and it reveals that since June 2019, she has been working as a Strategic Account Manager in Atlanta.

Where is Kelly now?

From the looks of Kelly’s Instagram feed, she is still working as a health coach in Atlanta.

Her Instagram is filled with motivational snaps, tips and tricks to help you on your journey to health and wellness. If you’re looking for a place to learn more about Kelly’s job and get her help, then Insta is the best place to start!

Follow her @chaselifewithkelly




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