Love Is Blind: Who are Jessica's parents? Why weren't they at the Netflix wedding?

After a mammoth three-week event, Love Is Blind finally drew to its conclusion on Thursday, February 27th with a special finale episode. The episode saw five couples head to the alter to decide whether they wanted to tie the knot. Given the way things were going for some of the couples, you can pretty much guess which of them got married!

It was a whole white wedding affair, with family and friends there to support the nuptials; it was a legit wedding, after all.

But for Jessica Batten, one of the most talked about participants on Love Is Blind, that didn’t seem to be the case. In fact, her parents weren’t around for any of the filming!

So, who are Jessica’s parents? We’ve done some digging to find out more about them and to figure out why they were absent from the big wedding day.

Screenshot: Love is Blind S1 E6 – Netflix

Who are Jessica’s parents?

Jessica is from Rock Falls, Illinois. This is assumedly where her parents are from and still live, given that Jessica made the move to Atlanta, Georgia.

In an Instagram post from way back in 2014, Jessica shared a snap with what we can assume is her brother, called Jeffrey. Based on more family pictures, we found that the man in the picture with Jessica and Jeff is their father, who we found is called Mike.

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We did some more digging into the Batten family and found that Mike is married to a Sara Batten. We also found that Jeffrey and Jessica’s mother is called Julie.

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Jessica talks parents on Love Is Blind

Not much is known about Jessica’s parents, as we didn’t get to meet them on the show. But Jessica did mention her parents relationship in some episodes.

When speaking about whether or not she wanted to be engaged to Mark, Jessica said:

My parents are divorced. I’m too much of a realist to take this big of a chance… I’m not going to do it.

Jessica’s parents are a no-show at Love Is Blind wedding

Not only did Jessica never introduce Mark to her parents, they were a no-show on the big wedding day.

Jessica rocked up to the wedding with no family or friends, in comparison to her fiancé Mark who had plenty of support on the big wedding day.

This was a big sign that things weren’t going to go well at the alter and surprise, Jessica did not want to marry Mark.




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