Love is Blind is back and this time the hit dating experiment has come to Brazil.

In the Netflix original series, singletons hope to find true love and get engaged all without meeting the other person face-to-face. While some will find their forever partner, others go back to their lives with invaluable lessons about love.

But who are the singletons willing to take the gamble on love and ask the question: Is love really blind? Meet the cast of Love is Blind: Brazil on Instagram!

Meet the cast of Love is Blind: Brazil on Instagram

Rodrigo Vaisemberg

Financial Advisor, Rodrigo is from São Paulo and he describes himself as an “eccentric guy.” His ideal partner would be someone who is independent.

He said: “I believe it’s very me to find someone in an unusual way.” Rodrigo admitted that in his past relationships he would “run away” once he realised that his ex-partners were falling in love with him.

Ana Carolina Prado

Ana is a 29-year-old model who is looking for someone who respects her and wants to build a healthy relationship with her 3-year-old-daughter.

She said: “I became interested in the experiment because I really don’t believe in the way we are relating anymore. I believe that relationships are very superficial.”

Fabiana Maruyama

Fabiana decided to find her ideal partner on Love is Blind: Brazil because she believes that it is a “very unique experience to meet someone who is attracted not only to the physical part… someone who is attracted to my personality because beauty fades.”

Shayan Haghbin

Shayan is 30-years-old and works as a salesman. He has lived in Brazil for 6 years but was born and raised in Iran.

He said: “Love based on looks or based on money or on the social level is very easy. Love based on the person that you are, the qualities that you have it’s a love that I think everyone must search for.”

Thiago Rocha

Thiago Rocha is a 34-year-old skydiver, cameraman and surfer. He has joined the experiment as he is looking for the “love of [his] life” and feels that he’s at a point in his life where he is ready to get married.

He lives in New Zealand with his 7-year-old son and would like to adopt children in the future.

Fernanda Terra

36-year-old Fernanda Terra is a beauty artist who likes to travel and loves the beach. She said that she related to Love is Blind: Brazil because she believes that it is “really hard to find someone with “depth.”

In her youth, Fernanda was adopted and therefore hopes to adopt two children in the future as she “wants a family to feel complete.”

Dayanne Feitoza

Born in the North East of Brazil, 31-year-old Dayanne came to Sao Paulo as a child and has lived there all her life. She currently works as a banker.

She said: “I was happy being single until recently and through a self-discovery journey the longings and the desire to have someone by my side to share my life with embraced me strongly.”

Mackdavid Alves

Mackdavid is a 36-year-old architect who came to Love is Blind: Brazil “looking for closeness and love.”

He is divorced after being married for 7 years. He candidly admitted: “I am apprehensive of falling in love and it not being reciprocated.”

Gustavo Mester

Ana Gaudêncio

Carla Maion

Lissio Fiod

Carolina Stamatis

Luiz Paulo Melhor Cardoso

Anna Arraes

Gabriella Gonçalves

Hudson Mendes

Pamella de Sousa

Mayara Carvalho

Priscilla Pitman

Aline Magara




Who are the hosts of Love is Blind: Brazil?

The Love is Blind: Brazil contestants will be greeted by married couple, Camila Taveres de Queiroz Toledo and Klebber Toledo who will be taking them through the blind love experiment. Queiroz and Toledo wed in 2018 in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

28-year-old, Camila Queiroz is a Brazillian actress and model. She is best known for her role as Angel in the Emmy award-winning series Verdades Secretas.

Klebber Toledo who is 7 years older than his wife, Camila is also an actor who has appeared in several hit television shows and movies including Sinhá Moça and Real: O Plano por Trás da História.

Where was Love is Blind: Brazil filmed?

Love is Blind: Brazil was actually filmed in Brazil and features a host of local singletons on the quest for love.

It was reported that the entire production is based out in Brazil from the ‘Pods’ to the luxurious resort near Drumlin Fields where the couples spend their honeymoon.

Brazil is the perfect setting for the reality television show with stunning beaches, blue waters and dazzling sunlight. The country has also been the filming location of many box-office hits including Miami Vice and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.



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