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When was the Love Is Blind reunion filmed? Netflix taped the episode this year!

If you haven’t yet heard of or seen Love Is Blind, then we’re pretty sure you’ve be living under a rock this past month.

The new Netflix dating series is perhaps one of the most bizarre to grace our screens since we first saw Married at First Sight. It follows a bunch of young singletons living in Atlanta as they date one another in isolated pods. Over the course of ten days they get to know one another, hopefully finding ‘the one’ based on personality and non-physical connection. One proposes and then they get to see each other face-to-face. Insane, right?

But what has proven as the biggest shocker is that the experiment has worked!

When the reunion episode aired on Thursday, March 5th, we got to catch up with the cast to find out more about their married and non-married lives. But when was the reunion episode filmed?

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E11 – Netflix

When was the Love Is Blind reunion filmed?

A tweet posted on February 26th, 2020 claimed that they were at the filming of the reunion the previous week. That means the Love Is Blind reunion was filmed anywhere between February 16th and 22th, 2020.

Considering that most of the drama discussed from ‘what the cast had seen’ was about the first instalment of episodes, it is likely that they had filmed the reunion episode before the second drop on Thursday, February 20th.

Jessica and Amber address what happened in Mexico, as do Diamond and Carlton. Similarly, the topic of the pods and how they felt finally meeting the other cast members face-to-face was at the forefront of discussion. This is all from the first five episodes.

Discussions of weddings and the ‘meet the parents’ drama did not really come into the reunion, which leads us to believe the cast had not seen those episodes yet.

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But, when was Love Is Blind filmed?

You might be wondering when the actual series was filmed, having much changed with the cast members since we saw them on our screens.

In fact, the Netflix dating commenced filming over a year and a half ago! They filmed the series in Atlanta back in October 2018. It finished in November, after the weddings.

So, for the couples who have stayed together, they’ve made it over the first hurdle and things are looking good for their future. Lauren and Cameron even have a “fur baby” (a puppy) together! We’re guessing expanding the Hamilton family is the next step…

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Catch up with the cast post-reunion

Nowadays reality stars can make a fortune of the back of their programmes. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Love Is Blind cast did something great with their newfound fame and fortune. And in their new couples, may we add… Lauren and Cameron are about to become media’s biggest power couple!

For more info on what the cast are up to now, the best place to follow them is on Instagram.

You can find all of the cast on Instagram here.




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