Alexa on Love is Blind has sparked ‘pregnant’ rumors with Brennan Lemieux. During the After the Altar episodes, they hint at their future baby plans by holding a babygrow and saying: “Coming in 2023.”

The season 3 couple, who is one of the only married couples who have stayed together, have already lasted almost two years after putting a ring on it. They’ve also moved in together – and now plans to fall pregnant are being hinted at.

When Brennan gifted Alexa a baby grow after her 27th birthday party, she jokily hinted about 2023 baby plans. Now, Love is Blind viewers are wondering if Alexa and Brennan really do have a baby on the way…

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Love is Blind’s Alexa ‘pregnant’ rumors

Alexa and Brennan sparked pregnancy rumors after he gifted her a onesie, to which she laughed and responded: “Coming in 2023.” However, she was drinking at her birthday party on Love is Blind and doesn’t appear pregnant.

She also responded: “Aw, now I really want one.” The season 3 couple hasn’t made any pregnancy announcements but hinted that they potentially want children this year. Alexa and Brennon reach two years of marriage in July.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Alexa and Love is Blind reps for comment.

Alexa and Brennan talk about the future

In a joint confessional on Love is Blind, Alexa says she would like to eventually have five kids and shares that she has a list of names on her phone. They want to start a family soon, as told to US Weekly on February 10. They said:

[We’re] working and twerking on it.

Brennon also opened up about how he’d be as a father in the future. He said: “I’ve gotta give your dad a lot more props. Because if our kids, like, bring somebody home in two weeks… I’m giving the third-degree.”

They already have two dogs

Alexa has an Irish cream retriever dog called Loki while Brennon is a furry friend owner to Tito. The family of four posed with the Love is Blind couple in their pajamas [see below snap] in December 2022.

She joked that the picture took 500 attempts to get right, while a follower told her to “wait until you get kids in the mix.” Alexa responded, “I can only imagine.” Alexa’s little sister Emma is also close to her and Brennon.

Alexa wrote on Instagram: “Anyone that knows me knows that my baby sister Emma (moosh) is my best friend in the whole wide world. And up until a year and a half ago, I used to be hers. Now it’s all about ‘Bwennon’.

“This is my favorite friendship and now we’re the three best friends that anyone can have.” While Alexa and Brennon are used to having sibling and pet responsibilities, they’re working on having their own kids.



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