Fans have already binged watched the first five episodes of Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 2 and have described the show as a “rollercoaster ride of drama, romance, laughs and heartbreak.”

One couple part of the crazy journey has been Nick and Danielle who had an instant connection in the pods from day one, but their journey was far from smooth.

Cracks started forming when they took a trip to Mexico and fans have been left wondering if the couple is still together? We have all the details on how their journey started and where they are now, keep reading to find out more.

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Danielle Love Is Blind. Picture: Love is Blind Season 2 | Meet the Cast | Netflix

Nick and Danielle’s Love Is Blind journey

28-year-old Danielle and 35-year-old Nick first met in the pods and both admitted they had an instant and very strong connection.

They spent their first few chats discussing their interests and even said that the voice of the other made them feel “calm.” They continued to discuss more personal topics that bonded them even further.

Both had come from broken homes and shared their similar views on marriage, life expectations and how they would want to raise their family.

Nick really swooned Danielle when he shared what he was looking for in a partner and highlighted the importance of communication, comfort and passion.

Due to their obvious connection, fans weren’t that shocked when Nick popped the question to Danielle at the end of episode one – to which Danielle said yes.

They continued to bond as they met face to face and Nick even brought Danielle a book for them to create and add to as their journey continued. To us, it seemed like the perfect love story.

Cracks started to form in Mexico

The couple started out so strong that fans were convinced they were the strongest out of all the contestants but this soon changed as the couple headed off on their Mexican getaway.

On day two of the trip, Danielle caught a stomach bug that made her so ill she had to stay in the hotel room. Nick did a great job of looking after her but the situation soon became tense.

One evening while Danielle wasn’t well, Nick went out for three hours and left Danielle in the room. Danielle became very upset by this and said she locked herself in the room and cried for three hours straight as the situation had “triggered her.”

They started to argue more over Danielle’s tendencies to overthink, which grated on Nick and meant he began to unintentionally become harsh and blunter with her.

Even though they thought they discussed everything they needed to prior to the engagement, the pair started to notice a difference in their maturity level due to their considerable age gap.

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Are the couple still together?

We have only seen the first five episodes so far and are yet to find out what happened to the couple and if they managed to work things out.

We can’t tell anything from their Instagram accounts but fans think that due to their clear and strong connection – they will have managed to hopefully work things out.

From our investigative skills, we can see the couple still follow each other on socials and this hopefully means they managed to have their happy ending.



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