Love Is Blind star Raven Ross has deleted photos of her partner SK from her Instagram page in November 2022. The deletion of the photos comes at a time when there are many rumors circulating about Raven and SK’s relationship.

Some social media users have taken to the internet to suggest rumors that SK cheated.

However, when the rumors initially came out, Raven said she was “standing by her man” via TikTok. Now, she appears to have wiped most images of SK from her IG page, leading fans wondering why.

Raven and SK on Love Is Blind

Raven Ross and SK Alagbada were participants on Love Is Blind season 3. The two made a connection during the pods episodes of the show and went on to get engaged.

They spent lots of time together while filming Love Is Blind and, in a test to see if love really is blind, the couples have the option of walking down the aisle together at the end of the show if they wish to get married.

SK and Raven met at the altar on their wedding day, and while Raven was ready to say “yes”, SK said “I don’t” on their big day due to not being ready for marriage.

Raven ‘stood by her man’

Since the show finished and the Love Is Blind reunion came out, fans have wondered where the couples are in terms of their romances today.

The reunion showed SK and Raven to be in a relationship, while Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, and Alexia Alfia and Brennan Lemieux, were also married.

Some cheating rumors circulated SK and Raven’s relationship in November 2022, but she said she was sticking by her man via a TikTok video which has since been deleted.

Photos of SK have been deleted

As of November 20, some of Raven’s 698k followers have noticed that there’s been a removal of some photos from her page.

Her Instagram grid appears different than it was before, but she has kept photos of herself with SK’s mother.

Although most snaps of SK are gone, Raven’s wedding day slider post from November 4 still remains and features photos of herself and SK.

She also hasn’t removed all the photos or videos of SK from her TikTok page.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have contacted SK for comment over the allegations.



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