It seems like Shake and Nick Lachey’s Love Is Blind feud wasn’t just for the camera. In fact, according to Shake, he pulled out of doing Perfect Match when he found out who the host would be.

Love Is Blind fans will remember Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee from season 2 (who can forget?). The vet seemed to find a connection with Deepti on the show, but things quickly turned sour. Shake caused controversy when he revealed he didn’t even have a physical attraction to his ex-fiancée and was called out by host Nick Lachey. Their feud only grew from there.

We take a closer look into why Shake claims he pulled out of participating in Perfect Match, and his infamous drama with host Nick Lachey.

Shake claims he pulled out of Netflix’s Perfect Match

Around the time of the Perfect Match casting, The Tab shared screenshots of Shake’s Instagram story. There, the reality star wrote he decided not to go on Netflix’s Perfect Match when he found out Nick Lachey would be the host.

“Happy for my friends on Perfect Match,” Shake wrote, “but there was no way I was going to participate with that clown Nick Lachey hosting. I backed out as soon as I found out he was involved.”

The caption was written over an email titled: “Perfect Match – Background Check Questionnaire.” The email continued: “I know that you are finalizing your contract.”

Love Is Blind season 2 cast at the reuinion with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey
Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix 2022

There was no love lost between Shake and Nick on Love Is Blind

The drama between Shake and Nick Lachey started when Shake appeared on season 2 of Love Is Blind. Nick, who was hosting with his wife Vanessa, called Shake out for putting too much pressure on physical attraction.

Vanessa then said that Shake was on the wrong show, and Shake was insisted that love was not blind, it was blurry. He now has a podcast under the same name.

What really sealed the deal, though, was Shake saying the only woman in the room he was truly attracted to was Nick’s wife, Vanessa. Nick was too stunned to speak.

Speaking to US Weekly on the incendiary comment Shake said: “It’s a compliment. Unless you’re an insecure guy. Anything’s upsetting if you’re insecure.”

Nick Lachey and Shake’s feud continued After The Altar

Though Shake was a no-show on Love Is Blind’s After The Altar, his feud with Nick did not end there.

Speaking to TMZ about his absence Shake said the show’s producers “begged him” to be on it. “But after how they portrayed me and especially how the hosts of the show, who are supposed to be impartial, came after me, I want nothing to do with them,” he explained.

The Love Is Blind star did not hold back when speaking to US Weekly either, claiming there had been mistreatment in Lachey’s long-ago relationship with pop star Jessica Simpson.

He then went on to bash Nick’s boyband 98 degrees, for “never taking off.”

So far, Nick has ignored Shake’s comments and held off on making a public statement about the Love Is Blind star.



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