Love Never Lies is back and this time the show’s participants are heading for Sardinia to put their relationships to the ultimate test – but who is still together? Monica Naranjo, the Netflix series’ host, guides the contestants through the Love Never Lies (Amor Con Fianza) journey.

With the help of an eye-tracking lie detector test, the couples are able to navigate their relationships knowing the truth about their partners. In Temptation Island style, the couples are separated into two villas as new people are introduced to the groups. Whether the couples remain faithful to their original partner is thrown into question during the show.

So, let’s take a look at which couples on Love Never Lies appear to still be together judging by their Instagram pages.

***WARNING: Love Never Lies spoilers ahead***

Love Never Lies who is still together? Instagram points the way

Inma and Vicky

Vicky Faucheux and Inma Fajardo are one of the Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia couples. They went into the show pretty strong but had some infidelity issues to air. The Cinemaholic writes it doesn’t seem Inma and Vicky are together any longer judging by their Instagram pages.

Inma’s Instagram account (@inmafajardoo) is private and she has more than 4,000 followers. Vicky is also on the ‘gram but has a private account at @vicky.faucheux.

Fans of Inma can find her on TikTok, too. She has 530 followers at the time of writing and can be found at @inmafajardo0.


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Asier and Irene

Asier Sarmiento and Irene Gomu went through a lot during Amor Con Fianza.

During the show, Asier felt a connection with Sara. And, judging by Irene’s Instagram posts, it seems she and Asier are still together.

Find Madrid-based Asier on Instagram at @asiersarmiento. Irene has 34,000 followers and can be found at @irenegomuu.

Are Guillem and Sara still together?

Yes. Judging by Guillem and Sara’s Instagram posts, they’re still together.

Guillem and Sara remaining a couple may come as a surprise to some fans as they had many ups and downs on Love Never Lies.

Not only does it appear Guillem and Sara remain an item, they also seem to be close with other cast members.

Guillem can be found on IG at @morellguille_photo and Sara is also on the ‘gram at @saraprrrrr.

Lucia and Antonio

Lucia and Antonio aren’t giving much away on their Instagram pages.

However, they both posted photos from Paris on November 13 and 14. Although they aren’t pictured together, this could be a big hint they’re still a couple.

Find Lucia on IG at @luciabasallote and Antonio at @antoniojosecv.

Miguel and Alejandro

Love Never Lies’ Miguel (@miguelace95) and Alejandro (@alejandroopalen) are another couple who aren’t giving much away with their Instagram pages.

They shared a moving-in video that showed them moving on to a new chapter in life together in 2021. But when it comes to recent posts, Alejandro and Miguel are seen posing alone.

They both still follow each other on IG, so they could still be an item. But, they could also just be friends.

However, Miguel and Alejandro share the same promo shot for Amor Con Fianza on their pages.

Love Never Lies: Javier and Maria

Javier and Maria had many highs and lows in their relationship on the Netflix show before lie detector tests had even begun on episode 1.

Maria can be found on Instagram at @mariag.s_ where she has more than 4,700 followers

When it comes to whether Javier and Maria are still together, we think they are from their Instagram posts.

Although they’re looking loved up on the ‘gram, Maria hasn’t posted a snap of Javier and herself since September. She captioned her last photo of them together: “My chico.” Javier is also on Instagram at @javirocaibi.



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