Let’s get to know the Love Never Lies: Poland cast. Love Never Lies is back on Netflix and this time the show is putting couples who live in Poland to the ultimate test.

The cast includes a cryptocurrency whiz, a twerk teacher, a makeup artist, a hairdresser and an interior designer.

The Love Never Lies Poland cast certianly aren’t short on creativity, but loyalty and honesty is what they’ll need to make it to the end of the series and bag a cash prize.

Love Never Lies Poland: Lilia and Andrzej

Lilia and Andrzej have joined Love Never Lies: Poland to “reevaluate” their relationship.

Andrzej, 30, said that his partner, Lilia is an “angel” and he’s “the devil.”

The couple hails from Poznan. Lilia is 28 years old and wants to rebuild her trust with her boyfriend.

With almost 40k followers on Instagram, Lilia can be found at @lilsonik.

Ida and Mateusz

The next Love Never Lies Poland couple hasn’t been together for long.

Ida, 20, and Mateusz, 24, are from Poznan.

They want to get to know each other better on the Netflix show.

Find Mateusz on Instagram at @mrozosky and Ida at @ida_loveneverlies.

Love Never Lies Poland: Jedrzej and Bruno

Next up in the cast list is Love Never Lies: Poland couple Jedrzej and Bruno.

Jedrzej is 28 years old and can be found on Instagram at @jedunicorn. He works as a makeup artist.

Hairdresser Bruno is a year younger at 27 and is also on the ‘gram at @damianbrunowolny.

The couple hails from Wroclaw. They fear that they may leave the show separately.

Bruno and Jedrzej have been together for two years and are now at a crossroads in their relationship.

Meet Love Never Lies stars Wika and Jasiek

Wika, 23, and Jasiek, 25, come from Krakow.

The two say that they “clicked” the moment the saw each other.

Jasiek said that there’s “no chance” they’ll be separated on the show.

Wika works as an interior designer, while Jasiek works in logistics.

Find Wika on Instagram at @zombieblondie.

Love Never Lies Poland: Kasia and Kornel

Kasia and Kornel are both 22 years old. They’ve been together around two years.

They come from Wroclaw. Kasia says that Kornel is the “most important” perosn in her life.

Kornel added that he thinks that Kasia is “too emotional” and that he’s “very composed.”

He works in cryptocurreny and drop-shipping.

Find the two on Instagram at @kornel_ciunajtis and @kasia_loveneverlies.

Meet Bernadeta and Dominik

Another couple hailing from Poznan is Bernadeta and Dominik.

Dominik is 25 years old and Bernadeta is 28.

They’re known to their friends as “the crazy couple.”

They love to have a good time and live for the moment and have been together for around a year.

Find them on Instagram at @dominik_loveneverlies and @bouncing.betty.



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