Love Never Lies is returning to the screens, but this time, the series will have a new location set in Poland with a new cast and a new host. A day away from its release, let’s find out more about Maja Bohosiewicz and the six new couples.

Hej, a new adventure is about to unfold in Poland. Six new couples will be testing their relationship, as their time in the villa will bring out the best or the worst of their partners.

Aiming to leave the program with a big prize on hand, each couple will have to remain completely honest during their time in the series.

Let’s meet the host, Maja Bohosiewicz, and the rest of the cast!

What is Love Never Lies: Poland?

Deception costs money, and the truth comes with a price – and this series will be filled with emotions and a few scandals.

Love Never Lies will become Poland’s first unscripted series, where six couples will be tested on their loyalties with an eye-scanning lie detector.

As their love is being watched, the couples will live together in a villa. But will they survive until the end?

Every time they lie, the cast will lose money. However, they will also get money for telling the truth until the strongest couple leaves with the big prize.

Who is Maja Bohosiewicz?

Actor and influencer Maja Bohosiewicz is the host of Netflix’s first Polish unscripted reality series.

Born in Poland on November 20, 1990, Maja rose to stardom through her work on series like M Jak Milosc and films like Pani Z Pzedszkola.

In 2013, the 32-year-old appeared on the cover of the Polish edition of Playboy magazine. The following year, she became a contestant in the talent show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.

According to Celebs Money, the actress’ net worth estimate is between $100,00 to $1 million. Maja has a solid fanbase on her social media accounts, with over 500k Instagram followers.

The star is currently in a relationship with Szymon Panecki. She’s also a mother of two children from her previous long-term relationship with Thomas Kwaśniewski.

Meet the cast of Love Never Lies: Poland

  • Lily and Andrew

Lily (28) and Andrew (30) have been together for five years. Their passion for sports brought the couple together, and the two have different characters.

Despite their extrovertive characters, both are the biggest fans of a calm round of chess at home enjoying each other’s company. However, there’s also been some trouble in paradise.

As per their reasons for joining the show, Lily and Andrew are hoping the new change of environment will help them restore their romance and trust in each other.

  • Jędrzej and Bruno

Jędrzej (28) and Bruno (27) have been together for almost three years. They are the definition of ‘opposites attract’, as both have different characters.

Both Jędrzej and Bruno have similar professions, as one is a make-up artist and the other one is a hairdresser.

Joining Love Never Lies will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the two as they look to see their relationship progress in a new perspective and environment.

  • Kasia and Cornel

Kasia (22) and Kornel (22) are a match in heaven despite their many ups and downs during their two years together as a couple.

Both have the same interests, such as traveling and playing computer games. Not just as a source of entertainment, Kornel deals with cryptocurrency, and Kasia is a photographer.

Despite craving new adventures, their intention to join the Love Never Lies villa comes after a small break in their relationship left a few questions unanswered.

  • Ida and Matthew

Ida (20) and Mateusz (24) are the couple who has been together for the least amount of time – almost one year.

While Mateusz works in logistics, Ida is a student. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped the two from spending a lot of time together, traveling, and experiencing new things together.

Although the couple gets along very well and considers themselves the best of friends, that has also been a challenge for them. Their journey in Love Never Lies will be an eye-opener and a test in their relationship.

  • Wiktoria and Jasiek

Wiktoria (23) and Jasiek (25) have been together for over five years, and they’re convinced their bond is unbreakable. However, throughout their relationship, they have encountered a few rough bumps.

Still, Wiktoria and Jasiek are determined to stay together for the long run, though their journey in Love Never Lies will be the ultimate test to see whether their relationship has matured and whether no lies can separate them.



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