Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia, is Season 2 of the famous show that aired on Netflix in 2021, and here’s everything we know about the cast that is joining in 2022.

The show managed to make quite a wave on social media as it brought six contestants whose relationships were tested time and again.

Season 2 is quite similar to what people had seen in the first Season, but maybe with a bit more drama.

Meet the cast of Season 2

Following are the people who will be seen in the second Season of the show:

Vicky and Inma

Vicky and Inma have been together for over one year and think about spending their life together. The pair realized they loved each other when they broke up for two months.

The pair was quick to come back and rekindle their romance. While they have respect for each other there is still some crisis in the relationship as there is trust lacking. The two have come to the show to work on this part.

Asier and Irene

Asier and Irene have been together for a while now but their relationship has not always been great. Trust is also a major issue between the couple as the pair has had infidelity issues.

Asier and Irene decided to come to the show in the hope of fixing their broken trust and finally being confident about their relationship.

Guillem and Sara

Guillem and Sara had love at first sight and they have never looked back ever since then. However, there are a couple of things that the pair struggles with within their relationship.

To begin with, Guillem feels that their relationship lacks communication while Sara feels she needs to learn how to be empathetic.

While the pair are looking for different things to fix, they have come to the show in the hope of finding some answers for their relationship.

Lucia and Antonio

Antonio and Lucia love each other a lot but there are a couple of things that they think need fixing. Lucia loves being with Antonio because of his caring and loyal personality.

On the other hand, Antonio loves how smart Lucia is. However, things turn to become a bit complicated when Antonio feels that Lucia becomes controlling in the relationship and tends to think that she is always right.

The couple is coming to the show to fix the small issues that tend to arise in their relationship.

Miguel and Alejandro

Alejandro and Miguel have a strong connection but there are a couple of things that lack when it comes to their relationship.

One of the things that Alejandro believes might be a problem is that Miguel wants to know everything that he doing once he steps out.

While Alejandro loves that Miguel is protective he did admit that at times he just wants to be a free spirit and enjoy his time.

Maria and Javier

Maria and Javier’s relationship started off on a bad note as she found out he had cheated on her. The pair have come on the show to try to strengthen their relationship and look for 100% honesty if they were to say together.

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