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Where is Love On The Spectrum US cast now and did the couples stay together?

*Warning: Love On The Spectrum US spoilers*

Netflix’s latest dating show, Love On The Spectrum US, premiered on 18 May 2022. We’ve binge-watched it all, so where are they now and did they find love?

Within Netflix’s plethora of glamourous reality shows is a newer, more down-to-earth dating series – Love On The Spectrum. Originally an Australian show, it revolves around six singles on the autism spectrum hoping to find love.

There’s no prize money so it’s not guaranteed every member will leave with a partner. That being said, it’s a breath of fresh air as it shines a light on a more realistic dating life.

If you’ve binge-watched it all like we have, here’s what we know about the cast and what they’ve been up to recently.

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Maldivas | Official Trailer | Netflix

Maldivas | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where is Love On The Spectrum US cast now?


Dani and Solomon gave us one of the cutest dates ever; the pair were constantly giggling, especially after Solomon performed his love poem. Their date ended with a lot of kisses but Dani reportedly broke it off two months after filming.

She also went on a date with Adan but, if social media is any indication, Dani remains single.

As the founder of DaniMation Entertainment, she’s been extremely busy with projects. The 27-year-old is competing in CBS’ Pipeline Challenge with hopes to film a five-minute narrative for the media company.

She also just took her driving test – but whether she passed is still a mystery.


Renaissance Faire-enthusiast James went on two dates with Emma: a dinner and a trip to the NY Renaissance Faire. Sadly, Emma only saw the Boston-native James as a friend.

Reality Titbit was unable to find him on social media so his relationship status is unconfirmed, but he’s reportedly still great friends with Emma.

Hopefully, he finds romance soon!



Kaelynn is the creator of Autistic Angle, a Facebook page focusing on autism awareness. It currently has more than 51k followers and, since the show has blown up, it’s only going to get bigger.

Her last social media activity was on Instagram and Facebook after a co-worker congratulated her Love On The Spectrum appearance.

It seems the Greenville, North Carolina, resident is still on the hunt for a partner.


Abbey celebrated her 24th birthday just three days ago and went on a road trip to her brother Ben’s college graduation.

As the creator of Hats By Abbey she’s probably occupied with knitting as her website appears to be completely out of stock at the time of writing.


Reply to @alyssawiener Today is queen Abbey’s birthday!!! 24 years young. What a blessing she is to everyone in her life. The days leading up to her birthday were spent driving across the country for her brother Ben’s college graduation with Mom and cousin. She of course made the most of it. And don’t worry- she got her saltines and Reese’s puffs! #hatsbyabbey #everydayautism #roadtrip

♬ original sound – Abbey


63-year-old Steve wanted to find “a lovely lady” because “that would be an absolute dream”. He highlighted he never tried online dating because he’s not good at technology and navigating the web, so that explains his social media absence. And that’s why his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Steve didn’t feel chemistry with any of his blind dates, so he’s probably still looking for the “lovely lady”.

Love on the Spectrum (US) S1. Steve in episode 1 of Love on the Spectrum (US) S1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022


Subuodh went on a date with Rachel and, after three dates, they officially began an exclusive relationship. Episode 6 revealed they were still together and “looking forward to travelling the world”.

His Facebook status also says he’s “in a relationship”, so he’s still a committed man!

Love on the Spectrum (US) S1. Subodh and Rachel in episode 3 of Love on the Spectrum (US) S1. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
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