Marvin and Raven flirted up a storm on The Circle but their connection came to an abrupt end when she blocked him on the show. Now, fans want to know more about Raven and Marvin.

The Circle season 5 episodes 9-12 dropped on Netflix on January 11. Episode 12 sees a surprise for the players as one person is blocked and a catfish is revealed.

Marvin and Raven are fan favorites in The Circle season 5. So, let’s find out more about what happened to their relationship after the show.

Raven Sutton and Paris sit in apartment on The Circle
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Meet Marvin and Raven

Marvin Achi is a chemical engineer but entered The Circle as a personal trainer. Find him on Instagram at @marvinachi.

He’s 27 years old and hails from Houston, Texas. Marvin was born in Nigeria but says he’s now “living the American Dream.”

Someone heading into The Circle as her authentic self is Raven Sutton.

She’s The Circle’s first deaf contestant and hails from Maryland.

Raven is 26 years old. With 75k followers, she can be found on Instagram at @bluejay19xx.

Marvin and Raven on The Circle

The Circle season 5 saw singletons Raven and Marvin express their fondness for one another.

Marvin said in episode 3 that he found Raven “attractive.”

Raven added that the feeling was mutual.

The two got along well, however, Marvin was blocked from The Circle by Raven because of information she’d received about him from the other players.

Raven and Sam decided to block Marvin in episode 10.

The Circle stars are still in contact

Raven and Marvin appeared to end their relationship on rough terms on The Circle season 5 episode 10.

Marvin was hoping that Raven was going to “forgive” him. But, unfortunately, he was blocked from the show by his crush.

He said that he thought the fact that he was speaking to two girls, Tamira and Raven, on the show was what got him blocked.

When Marvin went to visit Raven, he said to her that he “messed up.”

Despite the blocking, per Bustle, Raven and Marvin are still on talking terms.

She said: “Yes, we have definitely been in touch since the show,” so it appears that their connection outlasted the show.



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