Matt Bolton is one of the participants ready to find ‘the one’ on Love Is Blind season 3. He’s one of the 2022 cast members who are set to marry someone without ever seeing them before. After getting to know different singletons in pods – where all they can hear is each other’s voices – some will decide that their connections are so strong that they want to get married.

Love Is Blind has seen many couples attempt marriage and then go their separate ways, however, some marriages did work out and Love Is Blind couplings are still together such as Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cameron.

Matt Bolton poses wearing a suit jacket and blue shirt smiling facing forward for Love Is Blind season 3 promo shoot
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Meet Matt Bolton from Love Is Blind

Matt Bolton is 28 years old and hails from Dallas, Texas.

Per his Instagram page, Matt is looking for someone to “break down his walls” and “allow him to open back up”.

He explained during episode 2 that he had had some difficult experiences in his past when it came to love, and was in a 10-year relationship before, however, he’s now ready for his next chapter.

What is Matt Bolton’s job?

Matt works as a Private Charter Sales Executive for Leviate Air Group.

He often takes to the ‘gram to share posts with his friends and by the looks of things he has a four legged pal as well as the human kind.

Looking at Matt’s Instagram page, when he’s not at work he’s playing sports, travelling and spending time with his friends. Find Matt on IG @matt_bolton24 with over 2.4K followers.

Matt appears to be a fan favourite

Judging by Love Is Blind fans’ tweets, Matt appears to be a favourite since season 3 dropped on Netflix on October 19.

One person tweeted that they thought that Matt “was a dark horse” and more said that he “popped out of nowhere” in the pods episodes.

Another said that they were happy to see who Matt had made a connection with in the pods: “Okay Colleen and Matt are everything”.

More said that they liked Matt’s accent and another added: “Okay Colleen and Matt are actually super cute”.



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