MeatEater: When is season 9 part 2 coming to Netflix?

The must-watch show for adventure lovers and hunting fanatics is, without a doubt, Netflix series MeatEater.

The host, Steve Rinella – who described himself as an outdoorsman, author and conservationist- came back to our screens through the streaming platform Netflix with season 9 of the show on September 16th, 2020.

However, there was a catch, as only part 1 of the season (so five episodes) were released. This meant that fans of the show were left anxious and wondering when part 2 of the season would be released.

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When is part 2 of season 9 ‘ManEater’ being released?

  • According to, Maneater season 9 part 2 is likely to be released “in the next couple of months; around December 2020”.

The unscripted TV series, which originally premiered on SportsChannel in 2012, is described as a “hunt-to-table adventure”, where the host Steve Rinella travels to the remotest parts of the US to “hunt and bring game meat from the field to the table”.

In season 9, viewers accompanied Steve to Colorado, Texas and Wyoming through five episodes, in the search for “the wonderful beast that is out there waiting for us”.

More about Maneater and Steve Rinella

The sole-host of the show since it’s beginning in 2012, has been Steve Rinella. Fans agree how he personifies the excitement of hunting and fishing to the point where you feel like you are there alongside him in his adventures; which is why we believe the show is so popular.


That is also the reason why season 10 is more or less guaranteed to audiences; as the show has managed to gain a wide and loyal fanbase who always want more.


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