Adam Alfia, Alexa’s father, met her love interest Brennon Lemieux on Love Is Blind season 3. He admitted that how she is getting married isn’t what he expected – leaving Netflix viewers curious about Adam’s love life.

Brennon said that his actions will prove to Adam that he is truly in love with his daughter. As a response, Adam revealed that he trusts his daughter’s judgment and hopes they are both making a smart decision.

Since meeting Adam, fans are hoping to learn more about Alexa’s family, including who her father Adam is married to. Their blended family includes a total of six children: four girls and two boys between two and 25 years old.

Meet Adam Alfia’s wife Morgan

Adam’s wife Morgan Alfia is a business owner and a mother-of-six. The two got married in June 2015 at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas, having both lived in North Texas for the majority of their lives.

Before her pregnancy, Morgan owned and operated an Allstate insurance agency that she eventually sold to her step-daughter – who we all know as Alexa from Love is Blind – before her child Emma was born.

While her husband, 52, owns and operates 14 businesses after starting his first at the age of 20, Morgan stays busy as a biz owner and mom. She graduated from John Horn High School in 2007, and is said to be around 33 years old.

Adam and Morgan have a blended family

Morgan left the workforce before she gave birth to their youngest child Emma, and has a blended family with Adam of six children including Alexa from Love is Blind. She recently wished a 12th birthday to her daughter Phia.

Adam’s wife gave birth to Phia in 2010, while Emma was born just before the couple launched their business Neon Strong in 2018. She told Voyage Dallas about how her children inspired her to come up with the idea and said:

I was dealing with all the struggles of having another newborn in a house already full of crazy kids […]. I knew I couldn’t be involved in the day-to-day stress of running a business and run a household with a new born.

She added: “When Emma started preschool, I really wanted to get back into the workplace but wanted to do something that I really loved. My husband and I discussed opening a boutique cycle and HIIT studio in North Dallas.

Inside her job at Neon Strong

Morgan is the co-owner of Neon Strong, a gym and physical fitness centre which provides cycle, strength, dance and yoga classes. The facility has been voted as having the best indoor cycling studio in Plano, Texas.

Both Morgan and Adam run the business together. Having regularly exercised before becoming pregnant, it all started when Morgan was looking forward to starting her exercise routine, and thought cycling classes were great for cardio.

The classes made her feel excited about fitness again. Morgan then decided that she wanted to open an exercise studio that combined all the elements she loved in other studios in one place – and the rest is history!



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