Jordan Williams is the youngest contestant on Netflix’s Outlast and fans are keen to find out more about the extreme survivalist as they try to judge whether he will outlast his other competitors.

Produced by Grant Kahler, the show follows sixteen contestants who will be dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness and put to the ultimate survival test. The contestants have to try and Outlast each other in order to win a total prize money of one million dollars.

The reality series is based on a 2013 survival horror game of the same name, hopefully, the Netflix show won’t be as horrifying…

Outlast. (L to R) Nick Radner, Angie Esparza and Seth Lueker discuss in a tree house
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Who is Jordan Williams from Outlast?

Jordan Williams is a 25 years old survivalist from Fort Collins, Colorado and he is the youngest contestant on Outlast.

Williams has been part of the US Marines and has undergone an array of other grueling expeditions to prepare him for Outlast. Williams feels that his training might give him a head start, as he shared: “I rely on my training to make decisions that can push me ahead of my competition.”

In fact, being dropped into the Alaskan wilderness will be nothing new for Jordan. He already shared that he feels at home in many different habitats; including the jungle, the desert, and amphibious and mountainous terrains.

Jordan Williams’ brutal mantra is ‘put up or shut up’

The cast members will have to be mindful of the weather and how it will affect their survival, as rain, and snow-depleting temperatures can put them at risk. Of course, the fall weather will also bring out wild animal threats such as grizzly bears. However, Jordan feels as though he can take on anything, as he shared: “I can tolerate challenging circumstances. Whether it’s sunshine or rain.”

Williams knows that he will have to work as a team in order to succeed in Outlast. However, we’re not sure you would want to be assigned to his team as he sounds rather unforgiving, with his mantra being: “Put up or shut up.”

On the other hand, Williams thinks contestants would want to be part of his team as he feels that one of his main attributes is being social. He explained: “One skill set I can bring to the game is the social element. I can use my social skills as leverage if the opportunity presents itself.”

Outlast’s elimination process explained

Jordan is competing for a grand prize of $1,000,000 and the only catch is to survive in the Alaskan forest till the end. Seems easy right?

Especially as there is no voting system or any elimination process involved, contestants really do just have to hang in there. Although it is thought that they can quit at any time if it all gets too much, they can let off a flare to be rescued.

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