Sara is one half of the six couples who entered Netflix’s Love Never Lies, where they are challenged to whether they are lying or telling the truth – all by a lie detector test. So who is she and what’s her Instagram?

The 23-year-old reality TV star found love at first sight with Guillem. They never looked back… until now. Guillem feels that their relationship lacks communication while Sara feels she needs to learn how to be empathetic.

While the pair are looking for different things to fix, they have come to the show in the hope of finding some answers for their relationship. So just who is one half of the duo, Sara? We took a sneak peek at her Instagram page.

Meet Love Never Lies star Sara

From Barcelona, Spain, Sara entered Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia as Guillem “Guille” Morell’s girlfriend. Hoping to test their love and come out stronger than ever, she felt that she needed to develop more empathy.

During the eye detect test, they had to address some serious issues, when it was revealed that Sara often flirted with other men on the internet and gave the impression of being single. It found Guillem doesn’t prioritise his relationship.

Sara stayed in the original villa when the couples had to separate, which is when a new guy, Aitor, entered the beach. She had already met him while working in a store during Christmas, and ended up developing a connection with him.

When Sara saw that Guillem was sharing a bed with Paloma, she became very upset and requested to leave the house. She walked out but returned soon later, when host Monica told Guillem Sara wanted to speak to him, so they left.

By the end, the pair had decided to remain a couple. They had both kissed other people during their journey but appear to still be together now, with Guillem often using Sara as his muse for his photography.

Fans think she Sara looks different

Love Never Lies viewers have noticed that Sara appears different online than on the Netflix show. She admitted herself that it’s likely down to wearing make-up and being able to edit photos on Instagram.

One follower commented on her Instagram photo with: “Looks so different in photos than on the show…like a different person. Sara responded to them with: “Photoshop and makeup are miraculous hahaha.”

Another wrote: “What a change from seeing you on the program to seeing you in the photos haha crazy.” Sara admitted it’s because she is smiling in pictures but was often crying on Love Never Lies.

Explore her Instagram page

Sara has remained friends with co-stars Alejandro and Inma, having recently shared a picture of them out partying together. She also keeps her destination in her Instagram bio, revealing she’s in Madrid from November 13 to 15.

The reality TV personality has also stated she’s off to Sevilla from November 20 to 24. Most of her photos appear to have been taken professionally, which is likely down to Guillem being a photographer.

She wrote about Inma, who was her housemate on the series:

And without expecting it you arrived and without imagining it you have become one of the most important people in my life. Who would say, I never thought that when I met you serious you were that important person, how everything goes around. Thank you for letting me know the person you are, for caring so much, advising me… for being the wonderful person that you are. Thousands of adventures are coming, and hopefully together ❤️

No photo of Guillem feature on Sara’s Instagram page, but pictures of her remain on his photography posts. She follows him though, and the two ended the show as a couple, even leaving early to save their relationship.



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