Ten participants are taking to a wellness retreat for new Netflix reality series Snowflake Mountain. From Deandra to Randy, we’ve gathered the Instagram pages of its line-up as we watch them aim for the massive cash prize.

With no running water, WiFi or home luxuries at hand, the youngsters are opened to the beauty of nature instead of the usual phone scrolling they spend their time doing – with money waiting for them at the top of a mountain.

Hosts Joel, who was an army combat engineer for ten years, and Matt, a former navy explosive ordnance disposal, are running the show for the team of “snowflakes”, AKA someone who is considered overly emotional.

One cast member only works so they can go out partying, while another lost out on a basketball scholarship for the same reason: getting their groove on instead. So, let’s meet the cast members appearing on the gruelling series…

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Picture: Snowflake Mountain, Netflix. Photo credit: Pete Dadds


Solomon is unemployed, or in his words, “funemployed”. His mom pays his rent and recently bought him an electric BMW. The Snowflake Mountain cast member orders take-out food every day and has never washed a dish.

He has also never done chores in his life because he grew up with maids. The 26-year-old spends $500 of his parents’ money a week on grooming, including manicures, pedicures and haircuts.


Pro wrestler Randy Wentworth, 23, was on a pre-med program at a prestigious college until he suddenly decided to drop out. With dreams to make it big in wrestling, he calls himself a “boujee brawler” in the ring.

His main income comes from working in his parents’ business, but he doesn’t take it seriously. He’s also somewhat of a comedian, and runs his own online group for fans called Randawgs Striker Club on Discord.


Deandra, AKA Beau Dee, is a make-up artist based in New Jersey. She is a dog mom to fluffy five-year-old Bjorn Maltese mix Melo, who has its own Instagram at @lilfellonamedmello.

The 25-year-old currently lives at home with her parents and two younger sisters. She has tried to move out of her parents’ place three times but “some crazy sh*t always happens and I loop-de-loop right back to where I started”.


Olivia, a Harry Styles fan who recently moved to Los Angeles, is a 25-year-old self-confessed “Disney Princess”. She likes all things pink, fluffy and cosy and safe, with dreams of building her fairy tale life and living in her own palace.

Being married to a Prince Charming is also on her life list. The entrepreneur usually focuses on personal development, as per her Instagram bio, so it makes total sense why her parents signed her up for the Netflix series!


Devon, 21, who currently goes to college in New York, sees herself as a born rebel. She is secretly failing and wants to drop out, but hasn’t yet told her mom. The more somebody tells her not to do something, the more she’ll do it.

She was 20 while filming for Snowflake Mountain took place, but is usually seen partying in the real world. One of her favorite spots is dive bar Ray’s, where she often goes with friends for drinks and a groove.


Rae Hume, based across London, Kent and Rochester, is a 25-year-old happy go lucky gal who loves living at home and is super close with her parents, who still do everything for her.

She admits she is “hopeless” when it comes to adult life, and spends most of her time making TikTok videos. The Netflix star is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Will Martin.

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Darriea, a remake ambassador, is a 25-year-old free spirit. Not wanting to commit to anything or anyone, she does her laundry once a month and washes dishes every ten days or so.

Her fear of responsibility means she hates signing on a dotted line for any papers, but she calls herself as an undeniable air sign on the “pursuit of pleasure” on Instagram.


Liam Brown is already every reality TV star and influencer’s best friend, as he works in marketing with fashion brand In The Style. From Charlotte Crosby to Paige Turley, he’s usually there to encourage celebrities as they pose for shoots.

The 21-year-old tried living with his mum, but thought her nagging was too much, as well as his dad, until they started clashing. So now, he lives with his nan and only works so he can go out partying.


Model Carl Lariviere is represented by agency Verge Models. He is also an actor who was previously an athlete. The Netflix star was actually offered a basketball scholarship but ended up partying a lot and flunking his grades.

His family and basketball coach all tried to get him back on track, but Carl didn’t listen. So instead, he’s now going on a wellness retreat with several others, as he tries to win the cash prize at the mountain top.


Sunny, who jokily calls himself a “hot dog restaurant” on Instagram, comes from a family of high achievers. His sister is training to be a lawyer, his cousins work on Wall Street and his friends work in Silicon Valley.

He grew up acing his school grades, but at college secretly changed his major to something “less intense” so he could focus on taking things easy. Sunny is passionate about fighting for change, and protested during the BLM movement.



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