Now Love Island is over for another year, there’s a drama-filled hole that needs filling. Luckily, Netflix is to the rescue with its new dating show. In fact, it may even be more dramatic. Get yourself acquainted with the Dated and Related cast and socials.

Nobody thought that there could be a dating show quite as dramatic as Love Island. However, what if you went into the villa with your brother or sibling? That’s the concept of Netflix’s new dating show, Related and Dated, and we’ve got a cast list for you to get to know.

The show’s premise

Imagine making out with the partner of your dreams, only to catch a glimpse of your sibling watching in the corner. That’s probably a nightmare we’ve all had, but it’s about to become a reality for the contestants of Dated and Related.

8 pairs of siblings will be entering a villa in the South of France in the hopes of finding love. That might sound simple, but they have to try and find love together. Brothers and sisters will be watching how the other flirts, their signature moves and just how they treat their potential partners.

Worse yet, they’ll have every opportunity to scupper the other’s chance of romance in France.

Of course, it’s never only love that’s on offer. There’s also a potential $100,000. No biggie.

Ready and raring to call each other’s lies out, and watching their every move, we’re expecting drama to the max.

The ten-episode dating show premiered today (September 2nd) on Netflix, hosted by none other than Too Hot To Handle‘s Melinda Berry.

The Dated and Related Cast

There are (kinda) identical British twins, party-girl blonde sisters, bombshell Iranian twins, and…cousins from Italy? Well, they’re still related.

Let’s take a more intimate look at the cast.

Diana and Nina Parsijani are twins, but that’s not all. 29, the sisters are both Jewellery experts and share an Instagram.

Claiming to be one another’s ‘other half’, that’s sure to be tested once they enter the villa.

Our party-girl sisters are Mady and Lily Bajor from Texas. 20 and 22 respectively, the girls are both students and are supposedly fiercely protective of each other. So, whoever wants to date one, will have to win around the other too.

Next, are the two that are cousins. Though they may be pushing the rules a little, we think they can stay. Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn are both 27 and from Jersey. It won’t surprise you that they are both beach obsessed, with one being a lifeguard and the other being a surfing instructor. Will they help each other in love, or just be a hindrance? Only time will tell…

These British twins are 30 and from Essex. Kaz, a firefighter, is joining his Bank Consultant brother, Kieran, in the villa. Digital Spy is reporting that Kieran has just split from a 10-year relationship. Yikes. Let’s hope he’s sure that Kaz is the right wingman to help him find love again.

Better or worse?

It might be even worse for the following siblings, who are going into the villa as a brother/sister duo.

Joey and Corrina Roppo are coming to the villa together from Washington in the hopes of finding love. Corinna, a music teacher, is the younger sister of Joey, a Customs Brokerage Manager. We can’t imagine watching our little sisters trying to find love, so the best of luck to Joey!

Next up are Dyman and Deyon Miller from Florida. Dyman, a 25-year-old Medical Assistant is bringing her younger brother, 21-year-old Model/Manager Deyon, into the villa with her. Hopefully, the Miller siblings know what they’re in for!

Daniel and Julia Perfetto may be perfecto for finding one another lasting love. Daniel, 25 is a Client Care Specialist whereas Julia, 21, is an HR Associate and Personal Trainer. Will Daniel help Julia find love? More than likely they’ll be lots of drama either way.

Last up is the Taneris from London. Ceylan, 25, is a professional footballer. But will we play ball and help Alara, a 21-year-old Fashion student find love? There’s only one way to find out…

All episodes are now streaming on Netflix. So, now you know the cast and are obsessed with their socials, what are you waiting for?

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