It’s the season of love, and this Valentine’s 23 of your favorite Netflix stars will be joining the Perfect Match cast to hopefully find their true love.

Hosted by Nick Lachey, who’s already found his Perfect Match in Vanessa, the 23 cast mates will couple up each night, to go head-to-head with others in compatibility challenges. New singles will enter gradually, and anyone left at the end of the night will be eliminated.

We take a look into the 20 singles hoping to find their Perfect Match, and where you might recognize the Netflix stars from.

Abbey Humphreys: Twentysomethings

Unfortunately, Abbey didn’t find love in Texas, despite having romances with not one, but two, on-screen castmates.

She’ll be hoping her love changes and she finds her perfect match in Panama.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere: Selling Tampa

Think Selling Sunset, but in Tampa. Anne will be heading off to Panama in hopes that her success in love can mirror her success in real estate.

And she’s not the only Selling Tampa cast member to be entering the Netflix Perfect Match villa.

Bartise Bowden: Love Is Blind

Bartise’s appearance on Love Is Blind was not short on drama when he and ex-fiancée Nancy engaged in deep conversations on camera, spouting opinions from family, friends, and viewers.

He’ll probably be hoping his time on Perfect Match is more chilled (and successful).

Calvin Crooks
: The Circle

Calvin, best known from The Circle, will be reunited with his perfect friendship match, Nick, when he enters the villa, but he’ll be hoping to find romance as well as a bromance this time around.

Chase DeMoor: Too Hot To Handle

Chase seemed pretty popular with the ladies in the Too Hot To Handle villa, and he’ll be hoping for the same this time round, minus Lana’s watchful eye.

The pro athlete is probably hoping to find someone to keep up with his fast pace.

Chloe Veitch
: Too Hot To Handle and The Circle

Chloe is no stranger to a Netflix show, having appeared on The Circle season 2 after her Too Hot To Handle stint.

She previously dated The Circle castmate Mitchell who just happens to also be a part of the Perfect Match cast. It was the distance that played a part in their split, but now the two are back on the same soil, will it be happily ever after?

Colony Reeves
: Selling Tampa

Although this is Colony’s first dating show, it’s won’t be the first time her romances are played out on camera.

The star had a flirt with one of her clients, but it seems like she’s looking for something more this time around.

Damian Powers
: Love Is Blind

Damian was rumored to be dating fellow Perfect Match castmate Francesca after his split from Giannina Gibelli.

We’ll have to wait and see if the friendship with Francesca turns into something more.

Diamond Jack: Love Is Blind

After Diamond’s explosive Love Is Blind relationship with Carlton Morton, she went on to complete her PhD.

Now her education is done, it seems like Diamond is open to finding love yet again.

Dom Gabriel
: The Mole

“Punk Rock Greek God” Dom will be hoping to rock the girl’s world in Perfect Match.

After winning the heart of his fellow contestants in The Mole, we’re sure he won’t have any trouble over in Panama.

Francesca Farago: Too Hot To Handle

Francesca is arguably one of the most memorable Too Hot To Handle contestants. The season 1 star ended up in a public relationship with Harry Jowsey when they left the villa (and Lana).

She then dated Love Is Blind star Damian Powers, so it seems like her type is Netflix stars. She’ll be in her element with the Perfect Match cast!

Georgia Hassarati: Too Hot To Handle

Another Too Hot To Handle rebel who’ll be glad Lana isn’t following her into this villa.

Georgia learned what she wanted from a relationship before settling for single at the end of Too Hot To Handle season 3, and it looks like she’s trying to find that in Panama.

Ines Tazi
: The Circle France

Ines got through her first Netflix stint as a Catfish, but she won’t be able to fool any of the Perfect Match cast.

The star hasn’t found love in the so-called ‘city of love’ so lets hope she can find it half way across the globe.

Izzy Fairthorne: Too Hot To Handle

Hopefully, the Panamanian villa won’t be too hot for Izzy to handle.

We doubt it though, as Izzy was a total rebel on Too Hot To Handle. Luckily, Lana won’t be in this villa standing in the way of her and her perfect match.

Joey Sasso: The Circle

Winner of The Circle season 1, New Yorker Joey Sasso will be heading into Perfect Match, and this time he’ll be able to actually see his fellow contestants.

Joey isn’t the only one of his Circle season 1 cast mates to make a return to Netflix. Runner-up from season 1 Shubham also made a re-appearance on the streaming site when he returned for The Circle season 5.

Kariselle Snow: Sexy Beasts

If any of the Perfect Match cast mates are up for experimenting, it’s Kariselle. She first attempted to find love on MTV’s Are You The One, before moving over to Sexy Beasts sporting a (not so) cute Panda outfit.

It seems like she’s taken a more traditional route now and is hoping to meet her Perfect Match in a more normal setting.

Lauren “LC” Chamblin: Love Is Blind

The Love Is Blind season 1 star is no stranger to entering the first season of a dating show to see what’s in store for her.

However, Lauren’s last Netflix stint on Love Is Blind left her in a love triangle, so let’s hope she has more luck this time around!

Mitchell Eason: The Circle

Mitchell came so close, yet so far in finding his perfect match in Chloe during his time in The Circle.

But now they’re both in the same country again, will the two realise they were meant to be after all?

Nick Uhlenhuth: The Circle

It seems like fans were hoping Nick found his perfect match in Rachel during his time on The Circle, but it seems like things didn’t progress after filming.

The Circle season 3 contestant played a great game on The Circle, even playing with multiple profiles, but he’s hoping to just find the one on Perfect Match.

Savannah Palacio: The Circle

Fans of The Circle may remember Savannah from season 2, but her time was unfortunately cut short after her and Terilisha didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

Here’s hoping she can make better relationships with her castmates on Perfect Match!

Shayne Jansen: Love Is Blind

Shayne’s relationship with Natalie on Love Is Blind was nothing short of a rollercoaster, but it seems like it hasn’t stopped him from returning to find love on TV again.

Maybe Shane will be walking down the aisle again with one of the Perfect Match cast.

Will Richardson: The Mole

Will’s last stint on Netflix won him a massive $101,500 prize when he became victorious on The Mole.

He’s hoping to carry on his winning streak and walk away with the prize of true love in Perfect Match.

Zay Wilson: The Ultimatum

Zay made his Netflix debut when he entered The Ultimatum with his then-partner, Rae Williams. It seems like he may have found love again when he briefly dated Shanique Imari.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between the two, so he’s back on our screens to hopefully find his Perfect Match in one of the Netflix cast mates.



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