The Mole sees 12 American strangers compete in a series of mental and physical challenges, but only one of them can take home the whopping $1M prize. Let’s meet the line-up as the original 2001 show hits Netflix 21 years later.

The new players will complete tasks in order to add money to their pot of prize money, but who will be a team player and who is in it for their own benefit? With just one of them as a traitor, the rest must uncover who is the dark horse.

From Avori Henderson to Casey Lary, Reality Titbit has the lowdown on just who is taking on the gruelling challenge in the reboot, along with their Instagram accounts. Contestants range from a professional gamer to a Covid ICU nurse.

Dom Gabriel, Kesi Neblett, Sandy Ronquillo, Greg Shapiro look ahead on The Mole.
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Dom Gabriel

Dom is a 29-year-old heavy machine operator from Toronto. He works at a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, where he hauls heavy loads of ice cream all day long, and often spends time with his mother AKA his bestie, who raised him.

He’s 6 foot 4 inches, well built and covered in tattoos, but inside, Dom is really a softy with a nerdy side. He loves anime and comics, and wanted to excel at everything growing up – from boxing to lyrical dance.

Kesi Neblett

Kesi is a 27-year-old software developer based in New York City. She grew up with four brothers and sisters in the backcountry of Kentucky. Their parents, two civil rights activists, often took them on road trips during school weeks.

After securing an engineering degree at Columbia University, where she captained a volleyball team, Kesi got a software development job at Goldman Sachs, which she resigned from before visiting Mexico, Hawaii and New York.

Kesi can be followed on Instagram at @kesineblett.

Avori Henderson

Avori, 26, is a professional gamer from Phoenix. At 17, Avori was set to compete at the state level for the Miss Missouri beauty pageant when she was asked to play in a gaming tournament on Team USA after a video she posted went viral.

She was the only woman competing with 55 men! Now well-known in the gaming world, Avori is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to analysing players, ammunition, tactical equipment and her surroundings.

Casey Lary

Casey is a 39-year-old athlete from Chico, California, who works as a Covid ICU nurse. She was previously an English teacher in Japan, a recruiter in Silicon Valley and an advertising project manager.

She’s incredibly physical… Casey completed the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon and successfully swam from “the Rock” to shore in a 1.5-mile swim followed by a 20-mile bike ride and six-mile run through the hills of San Francisco!

Sandy Ronquillo

Sandy is a 26-year-old ABA therapist from Fort Worth, Texas. She was raised by her father as, when Sandy was just seven, she said her mother was abducted and has not been seen since.

She currently provides behavioural therapy to children who have autism spectrum disorder. Believed to be a natural leader, Sandy pledges to stay true to herself during the competition while remaining suspicious.

Follow Sandy over on Instagram @sandycheeks__96.

Greg Shapiro

From Seattle, 29-year-old Greg grew up on the Jersey Shore and graduated top of his class both in high school and college. He has since traveled to over 40 countries and backpacked all over the world.

He works as a market research consultant behind his computer and refers to himself as a “professional troll.” The Mole star says the marketing role has taught him how to read people well.

Follow Greg at @guidedbygreg on Instagram.

Jacob Hacker

Jacob is a 29-year-old from Bloomville, Ohio, who works as a firefighter paramedic lieutenant. The youngest in his family, has been working in the firehouse for eight years after receiving his EMT certification.

Recently, Jacob tragically lost his father to a heart attack. In response, Jacob has lost over 65 pounds in the past five years as part of his fitness journey, working out six to eight times in one week.

Follow Jacob, who also has a side hustle as an actor, on Instagram at @jacob.eugene.hacker.

Joi Schweitzer

From Atlanta, Joi, 40, is a commercial airline pilot and fitness fanatic. When Joi isn’t flying, she’s a wife and mother, which also has motivated her to pursue a career as a health and fitness coach.

After she graduated from Georgia State with a degree in psychology, Joi supported herself through flight school while working as a flight attendant.

Follow Joi on Instagram at @joiridehigh_fit.

Osei White

Brooklyn resident Osei, 32, is a real estate agent. The eldest in a family of 15 children, he recently got his real estate license and is ready to embark on a new career path.

Always been known as the class clown or the “funny kid”, Osei has relied on his charisma to smooth-talk his way out of sticky situations, and he plans on doing exactly that in this competition to earn the win.

Follow Osei at @iamoseiwhite on Instagram.

Pranav Patel

From Boston, Pranav is a 29-year-old law firm associate. Growing up in New Jersey, Pranav was fascinated with all things related to physics and space and dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

Pranav went on to major in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University, where he also discovered a love of dance. He graduated in 2022 and moved to Boston to work at an intellectual property law firm.

Fans can follow Pranav on Instagram at @pranavpatel.jpg.

Samara Joy

Samara, 25, from Atlanta, works as a mental health counselor. She is one of seven siblings and was raised by a single mother. Samara attended West Virginia University and then moved to Atlanta to begin a modeling career.

She then completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Alongside working with LGBTQ teenagers, Samara exercises regularly, loves anything to do with adventure and considers herself a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Follow Samara on Instagram at @samara_joyyyy.

William Richardson

William, 29, from Henderson, Nevada, is a lifestyle brand manager for athletes. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he knew he wanted to be an athlete from a young age and went on to fulfill his dream of playing baseball in college.

He still trains like a professional athlete and can often be found at the gym. At a height of 6 ft 5, William loves an adventure and says he will do anything for the people closest to him.

Give William an Instagram follow at @_thewilliamjames.



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