Nick Radner is competing in Outlast, Netflix’s new survival show, as Nick challenges himself to see whether he can last the longest out of his 15 fellow competitors, in the Alaskan wilderness.

The lone wolves all consider themselves to be survivalists can they work as a team? That’s the one rule of the Netflix show and whilst it may sound easy, the lone wolves prove it to be harder than you think. Netflix’s Outlast cast become rivals in their fight for survival, as the money-hungry competitors are pitted against one another.

It appears that Outlast‘s Nick, who is a teacher by profession, has been using his teaching skills to discipline co-stars after telling a fellow lone wolf to “shut up and starve.”

OUTLAST: Netflix’s Outlast cast will become rivals in their fight for survival

Outlast. (L to R) Nick Radner, Angie Esparza and Seth Lueker discuss in a tree house
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Who is Nick Radner?

Nick Radner is a 36-year-old high-school teacher and wrestling coach from Tampa, Florida.

Radner is a pretty strict teacher who wants all of his students to succeed. In fact, he might even fall into the perfectionist category as he tells his students that they need to be the best at what they’re doing or that “it’s a waste of time.”

Away from the whiteboards and marking papers, Radner enjoys going out on solo expeditions. To prepare for the Outlast competition, he recently climbed Mount Shasta all on his own. He has previously traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevadas, and the Northeast of the United States.

Nick Radner is ‘not confident’ he can survive Outlast

Radner doesn’t seem to have the most confidence in his own abilities. Talking about joining Outlast he shared: “I’m actually not confident I can survive out there. Although I really look forward to the challenge of it.” Nick is remaining hopeful despite the unfathomable conditions he and the other sixteen contestants will be placed in.

Radner realizes how dangerous it is to get dropped into the Alaskan wilderness and the threats that are posed when being dropped out there as a survivalist. He shared, “I’m not an idiot. Alaska is terrifying” before acknowledging the dangers: ” It’s killed men for thousands of years. Alaska is real. I can’t wait to see it, though.”

OUTLAST: Netflix’s Outlast trailer shows contestants ‘play dirty’ for big cash prize

Seth Lueker, Andrea Hilderbrand, Angie Esparza and Nick Radner in Episode 1 of Outlast making a fire
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Nick tells contestants to ‘shut up and starve’ intense trailer

Nick has taken to TikTok to share a clip of him “playing dirty” in the Outlast trailer which features him being pretty brutal to his fellow contestants.

The clip begins with a confrontation between the lone wolves where one team accuses the other of stealing things from their camp. In the video that Nick shared, we see competitors fight over food, as Nick can be heard saying to a rival: “Shut up, go back to where you belong, and starve.”

Many of Nick’s high school students have commented on the TikTok video with one writing: “Mr. Radner!!! Can’t wait to see you in this” and another penning: “yes Mr. Radner.” One user commented in response to the clip: “She indeed starved” to which Radner replied: “Indeed.”

Nick’s TikTok bio also states that he is a father, but shares no images of his children.

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