Richard Chang is set to join the New York cast of Bling Empire‘s spin-off show on Netflix. From Hudson Medical, the newbie will be sharing his love story following his experience dating “half of the population of New York City”.

Bling Empire showed us the rich kids of Beverly Hills, but now, crews are setting up camp in New York where Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, and other cast members are set to have their glamorous lives caught on camera.

Richard and his partner Vika will be letting fans into their relationship on the spin-off. So, who is Mr. Chang and just what does his job involve? Let’s get to know the ins and outs of his world.

Bling Empire New York: Meet Richard Chang

Richard is a Bling Empire: New York cast member who claims he dated “half of the New York population”. Before meeting his girlfriend Vika, he done his fair share of travelling, including to Jordan, Brazil and Canada.

The Netflix star is often found in art galleries and taking snapshots for his aesthetic Instagram page. He was also friends with co-star Dorothy Wang “back in the day”, as he told her they should “do that again” after finding pictures.

He is currently running a fundraiser in honour of his 74-year-old mom, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two months ago. Richard revealed that he struggled to breathe and stay alive shortly after being born on the fundraiser.

The Bling Empire cast member spoke to his mom, writing:

She made less money in her last year as a manager of a small Chinese bank than I did in my first job out of school, but I never once felt like I was missing anything – she made sure of it. We weren’t anything close to rich, but we certainly weren’t poor because we had each other. 

Following a major surgery, Richard, named “bao-bei” (little precious in Chinese) after being born at four lbs, said his mother’s life expectancy is expected to be another five years. He added that she is likely to meet her grandchildren.

His career at Hudson Medical

Richard works as the Chief Growth Officer for health company Hudson Medical and Wellness. He has been at the firm since December 2021 following his role at The Sleep Spa as senior vice president.

In 2010, Hudson Medical opened a medical practice with the goal of providing the most comprehensive care for Pain and Musculoskeletal Conditions, and have been open to the public ever since.

Richard studied finance and marketing at New York University, before going on to secure jobs such as director of merchandise planning at Calvin Klein and director at Hastens Beds.

He is in a relationship with Vika

Richard is in a relationship with Vika, who stars on Bling Empire: New York. Together, they have a Scottish Fold Silver Chinchilla (who has its own Instagram page at @lucy_fluffycloud!) and a dog.

They are both clearly travel enthusiasts who have visited the likes of Mexico and Italy recently. Richard and Vika began posting pictures on Instagram in November 2020, suggesting they have been together for two years.

During the show trailer, Dorothy asks if “Vika is just under Richard’s spell”, before Richard and Vika are seen arguing. He is seen telling her she’s “being stupid”, which she questions in retaliation.



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