Love Is Blind Season 2 is back on Netflix and with it we were introduced to 30 new singles heading to the pods to try and find love without even seeing each other.

One girl we were introduced to was Shaina Hurley who had an instant connection with Kyle Abrams, and the couple’s journey has been a rocky one, to say the least.

Fans also clocked on to a comment made by Shaina where she mentioned she was older than her beau Kyle and now we want to know how old she really is.

Keep reading if you want all the details on Shaina and her journey on Love Is Blind Season 2 so far.

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Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix
Shaina Hurley. Picture: Love is Blind Season 2 | Meet the Cast | Netflix

Shaina’s age, job and more

Shaina is 32-years-old from Chicago, Illinois and is working currently as a hairdresser.

Shaina has candidly admitted she has previously been engaged but that didn’t work out and she says she’s here on Love Is Blind to find her “forever love.”

From her Instagram bio – which quotes a passage from the bible – and her honesty on the show, we know that Shaina is a devout Christian and her faith is something that is very important to her.

Her Instagram also shows us that she is a bit of a fashionista, showing off her YSL bags and amazing ‘outfits of the day.’

Shaina is also a keen traveller, with her Instagram feed full of pictures of her with her friends in countries across Europe such as Monaco, Barcelona, London, Naples and Mykonos.

Shaina’s Love Is Blind journey

As mentioned, Shaina joined the show in hopes of finding her forever love, during the first episode she said,

Physical attraction is definitely important but when me and someone emotionally connects, they instantly become more physically attractive.

Shaina, Love Is Blind

Shaina connected with Kyle in the pods instantly and they bonded over their shared relationship values as well as a lot of laughs. They ended up getting engaged but despite Kyle’s efforts, Shaina didn’t seem 100% convinced.

The couple began to clash over their opposing religious beliefs as Shaina was a devout Christian whereas Kyle was an atheist. Shaina’s wandering eye for another contestant Shayne Jansen didn’t help the situation either, Shaina said,

I chose Kyle. I said yes to Kyle, but I can’t stop thinking about Shayne,” says Hurley. “Regardless of him deciding to marry Natalie, I’m here to find my husband, not to take a back seat to Natalie with her feelings for Shayne.

Shaina, Love Is Blind

In terms of the status of the couple now, we still don’t know. Nothing has been posted on either of their Instagram accounts but the couple is still following each other, so fingers crossed.

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When is the finale?

Season 2 premiered on Netflix on the 11th February 2022 and has released the first five episodes, available to watch now.

Netflix will be adding four more episodes on the 18th of February and the finale will be aired the following week on the 25th February.



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