Let’s get to know the Bachelor 2023 cast as the ABC series kicks off for its 27th season.

Zach Shallcross has 30 women vying for his love in the new show but he can only end up with one.

Week after week the ladies will get to spend time with 26-year-old Zach. Some will get sent home while others will make it through the rose ceremonies.

Let’s find out more about the women who are taking part in season 27.

The Bachelor 2023 Zach Shallcross stands wearing suit and holds red rose
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Alyssa ‘Aly’ Jacobs

Healthcare strategist Alyssa is 26 years old.

She hails from Smyrna, Georgia, and is first up n the list of ladies taking part in The Bachelor 2023.

Find her on IG at @therealalyjay.

Anastasia Keramidas

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland is Anastasia.

Anastasia is 30 years old and works as a content marketing manager.

She’s on Instagram at @anastasiamidas.

Ariel Frenkel

Marketing executive Ariel Frenkel is also on the cast list.

She’s from Manhattan, New York, and is 28 years old.

Ariel is on Instagram at @afrenkel1.

Bailey Brown

Hailing from Brentwood, Tennesee is Bachelor 2023 star Bailey Brown.

She’s 27 and works as an executive recruiter.

Find her on IG at @bailey__brown.

Becca Serrano

Nursing student Becca Serrano comes from Burbank, California.

She’s 25 years old.

Find Becca on the ‘gram at @iambeccaserrano where she has over 10k followers.

Brianna Thorbourne

Next up is Brianna. She’s 24 and hails from New Jersey.

The Jersey City gal is an entrepreneur.

Find her on Insta at @iambriannakay.

Brooklyn Willie

Another lady looking for love on The Bachelor 2023 is Brooklyn Willie.

She’s 25 and hails from Mineola, Texas.

The ABC star works as a rodeo racer. Follow Brooklyn on Instagram at @brooklynwillie.

Cara Ammon

Corporate recruiter Cara is 27 years old.

She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Find her on IG with around 4k followers at @carakristine. Cara writes in her IG bio that she’s based in New York.

Catherine ‘Cat’ Carter

Next is Cat Carter. She hails from Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Catherine has all the moves as she works as a professional dancer.

She is 26 years old. Find her on IG at @kitty_cat20_. She writes that she’s also an actress and artist in her bio.

Charity Lawson

Charity Lawson is also ready to find ‘the one’ on The Bachelor 2023.

She’s 26 and works as a therapist.

Charity hails from Columbus, Georgia.

Find her on Instagram at @charitylawson.

Christina Mandrell

Hendersonville, Tennessee native Christina is 26 years old.

She works as a content creator and can be found on IG at @christinamandrell.

Christina has around 50k followers on Instagram.

Davia Bunch

Another marketing manager in the group is Davia Bunch.

She’s from Roebuck, South Carolina, and is 25 years old.

Find her on IG at @daviaesther.

Gabriella ‘Gabi’ Elnicki

Gabriella is 25 years old.

She’s from Pittsford, Vermont, and works as a senior account executive.

Find her on Instagram at @sprinkling_sunshine.

Genevie Mayo

Neonatal nurse, Genevie Mayo is another of the Bachelor 2023 cast.

She’s on IG at @pass_themayo.

Genevie hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and is 26 years old.

Greer Blitzer

Medical sales rep Greer hails from Bellaire, Texas.

The Bachelor 2023 star is 24 years old.

Find her on IG at @cheerio_greerio where she has almost 7k followers.

Holland Parsons

Hailing from Boca Raton, Florida is insurance marketer Holland Parsons.

She is 24 years old.

Find Holland on Instagram at @hollandparsons where she has over 1.5k followers.

Jessica ‘Jess’ Girod

Another Florida native is Jess Girod.

She hails from Winter Springs and is 23 years old.

Jessica works as an eCommerce coordinator and is on Instagram at @jessicagirod.

Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar

Kaity Biggar is 27 and works as an ER travel nurse.

She hails from Kingston, Ontario, and is another of the Bachelor 2023 cast members.

Find her on Instagram at @kaityylane where she has almost 5k followers.

Katherine Izzo

Another nurse in the cast is Katherine Izzo.

She’s on IG at @katizzzo.

Katherine is 26 and comes from Tampa, Florida.

Kimberly Gutierrez

Hospitality manager Kimberly Gutierrez is 30.

She hails from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Find Kimberly on Instagram at @kimmyyg.

Kylee Russell

Kylee Russell is looking for love on the ABC show and comes from Charlotte, North Carolina.

She’s 25 and works as a postpartum nurse.

Find her on Instagram at @kyleeemarie.

Lekha Ravi

Financial advisor Lekha is 29 years old.

She hails from Miami, Florida.

Lekha is on Instagram at @lekha_ravi.

Madison Johnson

A second entrepreneur in the group is Madison Johnson.

She’s from Fargo, North Dakota, and is 26 years old.

Find her on IG at @madi_johnson.

Mercedes Northup

Mercedes Northup is 24 and hails from Bloomfield, Iowa.

The Bachelor star works as a non-profit case manager.

She’s on the ‘gram at @mercedesnorthup.

Olivia Lewis

New Yorker Olivia Lewis is 24 years old.

She works as a patient care technician.

Olivia Lewis hails from Churchville in The Big Apple.

Find her on IG at @itslivlew.

Olivia Miller

Twenty-five-year-old stylist Olivia Miller is next on the list.

She’s from Delphos, Ohio.

Find Olivia on Instagram at @dib_miller where she has over 8.3k followers.

Sonia Sharma

Project manager Sonia Sharma is a cast member on the ABC show in 2023.

She hails from Jericho, New York and is 29 years old.

Follow her on IG at @sonianatasha927.

Vanessa Dinh

Next up is Vanessa Dinh.

She hails from Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Vanessa works in the restaurant field as a marketer.

Find her on Instagram at @vanessadinh.

Victoria Jameson

Victoria Jameson is a makeup artist ready to find love.

She hails from Keller, Texas.

Victoria is 30 years old.

Judging by her IG bio (@victoriajameson), she splits her time between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Viktoria Eichner

Hailing from Austria, Viktoria Eichner is 29 years old.

The Vienna native works as a nanny.

Find her on IG at @viktoria_mariae.



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