Netflix has released some seriously addictive sporting documentaries in 2019. From a new season of Last Chance U to QB1: Beyond the Lights returning, it’s been a great year for sports and television.

And Basketball Or Nothing is the latest addition to their sports doc roster.

Basketball Or Nothing goes behind the scenes with the Chinle Wildcats, a team from Arizona’s Navajo Nation, on their journey to become a state championship-level team.

So who are the Wildcats and who is the coach leading them in this pursuit? We’ve got the lowdown on the Basketball Or Nothing cast here.

Screenshot: Dewayne and Chance in Basketball Or Nothing S1 E6 – Netflix

Cast: The Wildcats

Who would’ve thought there would come a time when a “Wildcats on three” break would be back on our screens that weren’t just from High School Musical reruns?

These Wildcats might be worlds away from the singing and dancing Disney bunch but they have plenty – if not more – talent.

Let’s get to know the stars of the Chinle Wildcats a bit better.

Cooper Burbank

6ft 3 Cooper has dreams of becoming a Division 1 basketball player and it looks like he has the talent to get him there. Cooper was named one of the “top prep players in the state” of Arizona this year and one of the local fans said they think Cooper has what it takes to become the “first Division 1 player out of Chinle”.

Currently a junior at Chinle High School, Cooper is in the process of looking into colleges where he can play.

His NCSA recruiting profile says he is “willing to do what it takes to continue playing basketball in the college level”.

Angelo Lewis

Angelo is one of the players on the Wildcats who has all the natural talent but not the ambition to match.

His school advisors and mentors all believe he has the ability to play D1 basketball but instead Angelo wants to build powerplants and help out his family financially.

Although Angelo was the joker of the team, he was also one who the teachers were most concerned about, fearing he could become involved with the rez’s drug and alcohol issues. Angelo did not want to comment on his personal problems regarding those areas during the show.

Screenshot: Angelo in Basketball Or Nothing S1 E2 – Netflix

Josiah Tsosie

Josiah is a double threat as not only does he play basketball but he is a track and field star.

His passion, drive and love for his family won the hearts of viewers everywhere. Thankfully, Josiah had a positive ending on the show as he was awarded the Obama scholarship to Arizona State University!

This full scholarship allowed Josiah to attend the university of his dreams to pursue an electrical engineering major and help his mother and sister.

Dewayne Tom

Rancher Dewayne Tom struggled to get playtime on the Wildcats team but was later roped in to help the offence and played point guard.

Although he had the responsibility of helping his parents run their cattle ranch, Dewayne went to pursue basketball at college.

SAGU American Indian College in Phoenix, Arizona welcomed Dewayne Tom into their Fall 2018 class to play for the Warriors basketball team.

Chance Harvey

20-year-old Chance ‘Cookie’ Harvey was one of the seniors featured on the Netflix doc.

After a successful season with the Chinle Wildcats, Chance had colleges lining up, particularly as he made ‘3A North Region Defensive Player of the Year. He settled with SAGU American Indian College in Phoenix, Arizona where he joined their Warriors in Fall 2018.

If you were a fan of Chance’s on the show, then you can follow him on his Instagram @itschance_99.

Coach Raul Mendoza

Raul Mendoza is a 71-year-old b-ball coach originally from the Tohono O’odham Nation of southern Arizona and northern Mexico.

He has coached Native American basketball teams for over 40 years now and has found his stride as a guidance counsellor as well. Raul joined Chinle High School with the ambition of turning the Wildcats into a state winning team.

Previously Coach Mendoza had won four state title games, reached eight final fours and even won the Arizona state championships.

Screenshot: Coach Mendoza in Basketball Or Nothing S1 E2 – Netflix



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