There is a new Bling in the town of Netflix! After the success of Bling Empire, the platform confirmed that Dubai Bling will be released very soon.

Everyone loves to have a bit of glitz and glamour in their lives and Netflix has allowed people to enjoy the same from the comfort of their homes.

After the success of Bling Empire, fans will have a chance to see how the rich of Dubai live as the platform launches the new show.

Meet the cast of Dubai Bling

The show brings eight well-reputed people of Dubai and puts their lavish life on display. Here’s a look at everyone you will be seeing on the show:

Loujain Adadah

Born in California, Loujain moved back to her native Lebanon when she was a child and continued her studies in the same place. Her interest always lay in fashion, travel, and photography.

She received her first magazine advertisement shoot when she was just 14 years old. Following this, she received countless offers for advertisements as she continued to do modeling.

Her stage presence also brought in several TV offers and she went on to become the host of MTV Lebanon’s music program, Energy Spin Magazine.

Now, she is a proud mother of two who has over 110k followers on Instagram.

Farhana Bodi

Based in Dubai since 2008, Farhana was born in India and was raised in South Africa. Due to her upbringing, she is able to speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Urdu.

At first, Farhana was a tomboy who did not like the world of fashion. However, things changed when she became 19 as she turned into a makeup artist and model.

She experienced success when she launched her lifestyle blog, I Woman of the World. This allowed her to expand in the digital space and she currently has 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Ebraheem Al Samadi

Ebraheem has been an entrepreneur from a young age. His first business venture came in the form of an eBay store which started when he was 14. His dedication finally paid off as he successfully received many sales and he won 1000 Power Sellers awards.

He also launched a self-funded rollerskating shoe company at age 17. His success helped him get millionaire status when he was just 20 years old.

He moved to Dubai in 2010 and became the chief executive of the Al Samadi Group.

Zeina Khoury

Born in Lebanon, Zeina moved to Dubai in 2006 after graduating from Notre Dame University. She had a degree in banking and finance but decided to do something different.

She entered the real estate industry and developed the five-star hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai. Her efforts and hard work paid off as she acquired High Mark Real Estate in 2009.

She is currently its CEO and chief growth officer and also works as a TV and radio personality.

Safa Siddiqui

Safa is an Iraqi who was born and raised in London. She has been living in Dubai for the past eight years and has managed to make a name for herself.

She previously worked in the real estate business but is now retired and focuses on being an outstanding mother.

She also has a social media following of over 32k followers.

Kris Fade

Kris is the founder of Fade Fit, a protein snack. He is also the founder and host of Kris Fade Show, a radio show that runs on Virgin Radio Dubai.

He also has a huge social media presence with over 300k followers on Instagram. He often makes entertaining and engaging content on the platform for his followers.

DJ Bliss

As per his website, he started experiencing with DJing in the 90s and fell in love with the work. He applied for his first gig at a theme park and learned how to make use of equipment on his own.

He also became the host of That’s Entertainment on Dubai One Channel. Since then, he has performed several shows and gained many followers.

Lojain Omran

Lojain is a television personality and a lifestyle influencer with a social media following of over 10 million.

Most of her content on social media revolves around fashion as she shows off her lavish lifestyle and incredible designer dresses.

At the same time, she is a humanitarian cause advocate who is constantly sharing posts to uplift others.



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