Netflix’s Mind Your Business has already managed to gain a lot of attention and we are looking into its cast that has made its debut.

Mind Your Business allows viewers to be on a journey of self-reflection and change as various individuals try to tackle some of the segments of their personalities.

With the help of Sara Jane Ho, an etiquette coach, they completely transform their lives.

Meet the cast

Stephanie Osifo

Stephanie is the first client of Sara who comes to make sure she is able to change her life and move from some of her past troubles and become a more confident person.

While she has Nigerian roots, she is currently living in Australia. She also has a good social media following with over 10k followers.

William Termini

William is also based in Australia and came to Sara with the hope that she can help him with dating tips and how he can uplift his lifestyle.

As per The Cinemaholic, he is working as an Engineer in Cyber Security. At the same time, his interest lies in photography and his Instagram is proof of that.

Raishel Jones

Rachel decided to come to the show as she wanted some guidance on how she could take the next step in her life for her career growth after spending a lot of time as a stay-at-home.

Luckily, she was able to get in touch with her fashion roots and is now a wardrobe stylist. Her Instagram shows a glimpse of her fashion and lifestyle.

Illiana McDonnell

Iliana came to the show as she wanted to gain confidence after suffering from postpartum anxiety. With the help of Sara’s tips, she was able to do just that.

At the moment, she is living her best life and often shares pictures of her family on the platform.

Christy Aldred

Christy has always been an entrepreneur but always struggled to be confident about herself. She sells earrings on online marketplaces but is all set to launch a website of her own.

She came to the show to gain more confidence and to believe in herself. With the help of Sara, she was able to do just that. However, she is not active on social media.

Bunny Yan

Bunny is a fashion comedian who has been using social media and showcasing her talent. She came to the show to get a better understanding of her Chinese roots with the help of Sara.

On the show, we see Bunny overcome her doubts to become a better version of herself.



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