The Circle season 5 finalists have been revealed, with the winner due to be announced on episode 14’s final. Just one player was blocked during episode 13, leaving just six contestants hoping to win the cash prize.

After several blocks and some players being given a ‘power’, the Netflix competition has finally come to an abrupt stop just before the final, due to release on January 18. Now, we know who made it to the grand final.

Reality Titbit can reveal that just two catfishes and four people playing themselves have officially landed themselves in The Circle season 5 finale. Let’s meet the finalists and wave goodbye to those who got blocked.

*** Warning: Spoilers ***

Sam Carmona on The Circle.
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The Circle season 5 finalists

The Circle season 5 finalists are: Chaz, Jennifer, Oliver, Raven, Sam and Tamira. All of them but two are being themselves, but Jennifer is being played by Xanthi and Brett, while Tamira is played by Tasha.

Chaz, Raven, and Sam have formed their own alliance. Raven is a favorite to win among Twitter fans, while Sam and Raven were given the power to block a player during the last batch of episodes released on Netflix.

Who gets blocked in The Circle s5?

Before the final, Tom Houghton and Marvin Achi were blocked on The Circle season 5. Tom’s blocking was a major shock as he had voted Jennifer first as his top alliance while the catfish decided to vote him out.

When Marvin was suddenly blocked by Raven, many were shocked due to their bond and him calling her his “Queen.” But after he pursued another woman, she said she couldn’t trust him.

When it came down to it, Marvin and Jennifer were the two players that Sam and Raven ponded over which one to block. In the end, they voted to eliminate Marvin, which fans think is a very strategic move.

The Circle – more spoilers

Tom revealed that he told Jennifer that he “hopes they win” in an Entertainment Weekly interview. He also said that he is now really great friends with Xanthi and Brett, and even formed a bromance with Brett.

He said: “I’m close with them all. We’ve all got a WhatsApp group together, and we all really, really want to meet up. […] I already meet up with Billie-Jean in London, as a fellow UK player.”

Chaz and Raven are the frontrunners of The Circle season 5, Distractify reports. Sam and Jennifer are also considered to be doing well when it comes to getting close to the finale, but episode 14 will reveal all!



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