Netflix viewers are keen to get to know the Law of the Jungle cast in 2023.

The brand-new reality TV show dropped on Netflix on March 15. There are 12 contestants to get to know. They all have the same goal – to win the two million peso cash prize.

However, the cast members all have different backgrounds and jobs, so let’s find out more about them!

Fans may recognize some of the contestants as they’re no strangers to reality TV.

Zoe Joffre smiles on The Law of the Jungle
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Law of the Jungle: Josué Villanueva

Parkour athlete and circus artist Josué Villanueva is one of the Law of the Jungle contestants.

He’s multi-talented as he also has a small carpentry workshop.

Josué is taking part in the show not only for himself but for his mother who has multiple sclerosis.

Zoe Joffre

Zoe Joffre is 29 years old.

She studied psychology and is married.

Speaking on the show, activist Zoe said that she works for an NGO that supports LGBT youth.

Gina Torres

Next up on the Netflix series cast list is Gina Torres.

Gina is a sportswoman.

She can be found on Instagram with 121k followers at @ginatorrest.

Leslie Gallardo

Next up is Leslie Gallardo.

She’s an influencer who showed strength and determination in the game from episode 1.

Leslie was on Acapulco Shore. Now, she wants to “show herself what she can do” and prove that she can believe in herself.

Sandy Padilla

Sandy is a mother of two and fitness coach.

She was oozing enthusiasm during episode 1 of the show.

After being split into teams, Sandy was keen to work out each person’s strengths so that they could win.

Paola Michelle

Paola Michelle said that her teammates got “carried away with first impressions” during the show.

She works as a twerk teacher.

Her nickname is ‘polilla’ which means ‘moth’ in Spanish.

Fabián Camberos

Fabián Camberos is taking part in the Netflix series in a bid to become “stupid rich” and have the life of his dreams.

He works as a food vendor.

Fabián showed that he had some frustrations taking part in the first challenge, but he was determined to push through.

César Morales

César Morales is a polygraphist.

His game plan includes hiding what his real job is on the Netflix show. He said that maybe he’ll tell his co-stars that he’s a model instead.

Bruce Santillan

Bruce hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

He is in a band called Wapayasos y Horripicosos.

Bruce said that he wants to show himself how capable he is on The Law of the Jungle.

Law of the Jungle: Adrián Andrés

Adrián Andrés is 27.

Their pronouns are ‘they’, ‘she’, or ‘he’.

Find Adrián on Instagram at @adrianandresmx where they have over 50k followers.

Layla Neri

The Law of the Jungle contestants Layla Neri is a student.

She describes herself as a “girl from the hood” and wants to become a teacher.

Laya is currently studying Mexican History.

She first meets John during episode 1 of the Netflix show.

Law of the Jungle cast: John Guts

Fans meet John Guts during episode 1 of The Law of the Jungle.

He’s a businessman who is currently working on a music project.

John said that the project is his “biggest dream.”

He comes from humble beginnings and said that he “will do anything to win.”

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