Love Is Blind is back for season 4 but who is on the new cast and what are their Instagrams? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Netflix‘s fourth season of Love Is Blind will feature 30 hopeful singles looking to find their life-long partners, just like hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey have done.

We take a closer look at the Love Is Blind cast, who we briefly met in the trailer, along with their Instagrams so you can get to know them ahead of the show.


34, Flight Attendant.

Being a flight attendant, Amber’s looking for someone who can be her travel buddy during layovers at work.

You can follow Love Is Blind season 4 cast member Amber on Instagram @a.wilder4.


29, Sales & Marketing Coordinator.

April says her worst habit is being a little needy, and so she’s on the show looking for someone to nurture her.


32, Communications Specialist.

Ava says going into Love Is Blind is more than finding a husband for her, it’s about finally having a family of her own. She considers herself as “wifey material” so she’s chosen the right show!


33, Real Estate Investor.

When asked by Netflix why he’s still single, he said it’s because he “can’t be tamed.” It also seems like Bill isn’t on Instagram, so maybe that’s another reason why he’s single. The DM slides are key to dating these days.


33, Senior Program Manager.

Bliss says her worst habit is pressing the snooze on her alarm “around 500 times each morning.” Honestly Bliss, same. Hopefully, she’s not late for her own wedding!


39, Real Estate Broker.

Brandie is the complete opposite of Bliss as she says her worst habit is getting up early to meditate, as she wakes up around 4 or 5 am. Let’s hope she doesn’t wake the other cast members up as no one’s going to find their true love when they’re cranky!


36, Design Director.

Brett says his ideal woman is “successful, independent and fearless” and we’re sure he’ll have no problem finding that with this Love Is Blind season 4 cast. He’s been single since 2016, so he’s definitely ready to jump right back in after his hiatus.


31, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist.

Chelsea says she’s looking for someone with values and morals, but who is “spicy and sexy” at the same time. That’s the dream.


32, Technical Recruiter.

Chris blames dating apps and “option paralysis” for being single. He’s been single for five years so maybe Netflix will be able to help him find his soulmate in this unique way.


28, Operations Manager.

Conner says he falls for girls fast, so we’re sure he won’t have any trouble finding someone to call his wife on the show.


26, Business Owner.

Irina says her biggest red flag in a relationship is someone who doesn’t want to try new things. We’re sure she’ll be fine with this bunch as appearing on a Netflix reality show isn’t something you do every day.


30, Software Sales.

This Love Is Blind cast remember is a real family man and so Jack is looking for “someone who would be a great mom.” Let’s hope he doesn’t scare anyone away by jumping straight in with this!


27, Certified Dental Assistant.

Jackelina says she’s never been in a relationship as she refuses to settle, so she’s definitely throwing herself in the deep end. She’s a straightforward person and says she won’t put up with someone who thinks they’re better than her.


29, Technical Product Manager.

Jimmy says he wants a partner who isn’t afraid to “suck” at something new. We’re sure all the girls will be great for him then as we’re sure none of them have tried this before.


31, Project Engineer.

Josh is no stranger to a relationship as his last one lasted for seven years. He says it’s hard to find anything of substance these days, so hopefully, he’ll find something worthwhile in the pods.

Josh “JP”

30, Plant Operations Director

Love is Blind season 4 cast on Instagram: Juan

30, Mortgage Loan Officer.

Juan tells Netflix that his worst habit is that he can be a bit messy sometimes with laundry or clothing. Hopefully, he doesn’t reveal that too soon to any of the girls in the pods.


31, Family Support Specialist


33, Social Worker.

Kendra says her biggest red flag is someone who’s chronically late. There may be some cast members she won’t get along with then!


33, Sales Development Manager.

Kwame says he’s looking for a partner that’s funny, as he likes to laugh. It seems like he’s a big character as he says he hasn’t met anyone who “matches his energy” yet. Well, if you’re looking for a big personality, reality TV is the place to go.


27, Marketing Manager.

Marshall says he’s a perfectionist but has now come to terms with the fact that no one’s perfect, not even himself. Hopefully, this realization will make his journey in love easier going forward.


27, Marketing Manager.

Micah says her worst habit is overthinking and romanticizing, but that may be a good thing on this show, as what’s more romantic than finding love in the pods? Romeo and Juliet step aside.


32, Marriage & Family Therapist.

Molly says she can’t be on time to save her life, so if one of the cast members ends up marrying her, they may have to tell her the time’s set 2 hours earlier, just in case.


31, Elementary School Teacher.

Monica said her biggest red flag in a relationship is bad breath. It’s a shame she won’t be able to smell (or see) her partner when she’s getting to know them. Let’s just hope the pods are stocked up with chewing gum.


29, Environmental Scientist.

Paul says he’s “unrealistically optimistic” about finding love in the pods, but hey, the power of manifestation is real right? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.


36, Gym Owner & Fitness Coach.

The fitness coach says he’s a people person who loves hosting parties and would love to have a woman to match that energy. Again, he’s made the right decision turning to reality TV to find that.


29, Commercial Insurance & Real Estate.

Ryland’s a night owl and says his worst habit is not being able to settle down at night. He and Brandie may not get along then.


37, Client Lead Recruiter.

Tiffany says she’s never had guys that have made her feel like she’s special or one in a million, so hopefully, she finds him through the pods.


28, Aerospace Engineer.

With a busy career and social life, Wendi tells Netflix she has no time to prioritize dating. Hopefully some time out from her busy life may help her find the one.


31, Criminal Defense Attorney


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