Physical 100 has landed on Netflix and the female contestants are bringing all the girl power to the show. Among the female contestants are a mix of bodybuilders, wrestlers, actors, and more.

The show will see 100 contestants compete in a series of brutal games, and the last man or woman standing will go home with a huge cash prize.

With 100 contestants, it may be hard to keep track, so let’s meet some of the female contestants starring on Netflix’s Physical 100.

Kim Eun-ji

Kim Eun-ji was the first female competitor to enter Physical 100. She’s a competitive fitness model and fitness trainer.

She can be found on Instagram @hipsqueen_.

Elaine Yuki Wong

Elaine is a reality TV star and actress from Singapore. She was once set to become a member of KPop group Girl’s Generation but decided to drop out of the process.

Her Instagram is @elainew__.

Jang Eun-sil

Jang Eun-sil is a female wrestler and has been wrestling for 7 years. Her hobbies include CrossFit and ssireum. On the show, she says she did nothing but work out for 20 years, and decided to join the show to show her physical abilities.

The wrestler can be found on Instagram @sillllling.

Shim Eu-ddeum

Shim Eu-ddeum is an exercise YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers. She says her self-esteem is at 100, so she also wants to give a perfect score to her confidence in her body by competing.

Her Instagram is @euddeume_.

An Da-jeong

An Da-jeong is a South Korean bodybuilder and Olympian. Wrestler Shim was excited to meet the bodybuilder when she entered, telling her she was a big fan.

She can be found on Instagram at @dajeong_ifbbpro.

Kkang Mi

Kkang Mi served in the Special Forces for eight years and is currently a sergeant first-class reservist.

The Sergeant can be found on Instagram @kkang_raider.

Physical 100 female contestants: Jo Yeon-joo

Jo Yeon-joo is a 24-year-old cheerleader, who has been cheerleading for almost 6 years.

She can be found on Instagram @jjuya_o0o.

Song A-reum

The first couple of Physcial 100, Song A-reum came in with her husband Kim Kang-min. The pair are both bodybuilders and have a daughter together.

Song A-reum is on Instagram over @ssong_rme.

Lee Da-hyeon

Lee is the first female ssireum wrestler to win a grand slam, and she plays for Geoje City.

Kim Chun-ri

Kim Chun-ri is a famous bodybuilder, who was recognized by many of the other contestants making their entrance.

Her Instagram is

Park Min-ji

Describing herself as the ‘goddess on the sand’ Park Min-ji is also a ssireum wrestler, who loves sports.

She can be found on Instagram @_miing.g.

Jeong Bo-kyeong

Jeong Bo-kyeong is a national judo team player who won a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics.

Choi Hyun-Mi

Choi Hyun-Mi is the current WBA Super Featherweight World Champion. Her current record is 18 wins, 1 tie and 0 losses. She hasn’t lost yet and says she doesn’t plan to in the future.

Her Instagram is @hynmi.choi.7.



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