Jason and Brett Oppenheim are back in 2023 with a brand new installment of their Netflix show. On September 7, 2023, Selling the OC season 2 kicks off, so let’s get to know the cast members. Following the success of Selling Sunset, which is based in Beverly Hills, The O Group also ventured over to another California location, Orange County.

As well as being real estate agents, the O Group employees also become Netflix stars after appearing on Selling the OC. While many people already know Jason and Brett from Selling Sunset, there are many more faces to get to know. Season 2 also brings some newcomers to Selling the OC.

Selling the OC. (L to R) Polly Brindle, Gio Helou, Brandi Marshall, Jason Oppenheim, Alex Hall, Austin Victoria, Kayla Cardona, Brett Oppenheim, Alexandra Jarvis, Tyler Stanaland in episode 206 of Selling the OC.
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Selling the OC season 2 cast

Selling the OC‘s season 2 cast includes some returning stars as well as some newcomers to get to know.

Lisa Helou, Sean Palmieri, and Lauren Brito Shortt are all recurring cast members, rather than main cast members in season 2.

Polly Brindle

Polly Brindle wears black dress on Selling the OC
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Polly Brindle is an original Selling the OC cast member.

She’s appeared on the show since season 1 and is back for the Netflix show’s second season in 2023.

Polly hails from the north of England but has lived in LA for around a decade.

She’s a luxury real estate agent at The O Group and lives on the Southern Californian coast.

Polly has a rescue dog named Moose and enjoys pilates in her spare time.

Gio Helou

Gio Helou smiles on Selling the OC
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Gio Helou was one of The O Group’s realtors to join the OC branch.

He’s repping a great reputation in the real estate business and sells exclusively in the Newport Beach area.

Gio is married to wife Tiffany and the two are expecting their first child together in September 2023. The family of three lives in Newport Beach together.

Brandi Marshall

Brandi Marshall smiles speaking to camera in red dress
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Brandi Marshall previously worked in public relations before setting her sights on a career in real estate.

She’s a luxury real estate agent as well as a Fashion Nova ambassador these days.

The wife and mom is “an avid contributor to the ALS Foundation and supports fundraising efforts for Autism research and care,” states her O Group bio.

Alex Hall

Alex Halls speaks to camera wearing orange halterneck top
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Alex Hall is an Orange County real estate agent as well as a Netflix star.

She has a background in interior design and boasts an Instagram following of 150k.

The Selling the OC star is 33 years old.

Austin Victoria

Austin Victoria smiles in confessional on Selling the OC
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Austin hails from California and prior to working in luxury real estate, he worked as a California-based model.

The Selling the OC star is a husband and father of twin girls Lila and Hazel. He and his fashion designer wife, Lisa Victoria, got married in 2018.

Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona from Selling the OC wears black blazer
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Kayla Cardona has lived in Orange County her whole life.

She’s a Netflix star as well as a real estate agent. The season 2 star is also a motivational speaker when she’s not selling super-expensive houses.

Kayla is a mom to her grown-up son who she writes on Instagram she’s super “proud” of.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim

Jason and Brett Oppenheim smile for camera at Stephen Curry, Unanimous Media And Talent Resources Sports Celebrate The 2022 ESPYs
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Jason and Brett Oppenheim are the twin brothers who run The Oppenheim Group.

After rising to fame on Selling Sunset, the real estate duo ventured over to Orange County to expand their business there.

Jason and Brett are 46 years old and hail from Palo Alto, California.

Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis smiles speaking to camera
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Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis is one of three Alexandras on the show in season 2.

She hails from Alabama but now lives in California.

Alexandra is a practicing attorney and businesswoman as well as being a luxury real estate agent.

She also writes on Instagram that she’s an amateur chef.

Tyler Stanaland

Gio Helou and Tyler Stanaland sit together on sofa
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Southern Cali native Tyler is a fifth-generation realtor.

The Netflix star bagged himself a real estate sales license at the age of 18 but opted for a surfing career first.

He went around the world as a professional surfer but is now back in the OC ready to sell luxury homes.

Sean Palmieri

Sean Palmieri from SELLING THE OC.
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Selling the OC’s Sean Palmieri hails from Southern California and has a background in advertising.

He worked as a marketing director before joining The Oppenehim Group.

Now, Sean is a real estate agent as well as a reality TV star.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose films Selling the OC in black top
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Alexandra Rose hails from the OC but spent some time in Dallas as a child.

She moved back to Orange County at 18, per her O Group bio.

Alexandra Rose has a degree in finance and economics and made almost $100 million in realty sales in her first four years at The O Group.

Lisa Helou

Lisa Helou is Gio’s mother and a fellow real estate agent at The O Group.

She’s a recurring cast member in season 2 and first got her real estate license back in 1976.

Lisa has a wealth of experience in the housing industry as she not only is a real estate agent but she also is married to a builder. She and her husband Carl live on the Balboa Peninsula.

Alexandra Harper

A newcomer to season 2, Alexandra Harper joins the Netflix show in 2023.

She writes in her Instagram bio that she hails from Nashville and is 30 years old.

Judging by her social media posts, Alexandra is in a relationship with a man named Lucas England.

During the Selling the OC season 2 trailer, Alexandra is dubbed a “pretty” but “overrated” newbie who her fellow cast members think will “ruffle some feathers.”

Lauren Brito Shortt

Lauren Brito Shortt smiles at desk on Selling the OC
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Lauren Brito Shortt returns to Selling the OC season 2.

She hails from Southern California and has lived in Orange County for around a decade.

The Netflix star is married to husband and fellow real estate agent Andrew T Short.


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