Netflix’s latest cooking show competition has dropped and now it’s time to meet the cast and judges of Snack Vs Chef.

Hosted by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu, this new food competition sees 12 chefs go head-to-head in the ultimate snack showdown to win $50,000.

The show dropped today, November 30, on the streaming site and here’s all you need to know about the cast and judges.

What is Snack Vs Chef?

In the head-to-head cooking show, chefs battle it out to create some of the most iconic snacks in the world, including Oreos, Cheetos and Kit Kat bars.

Not only will the 12 chefs have this enormous challenge, they then have to come up with an original snack of their own, inspired by the legendary ones.

As this is a cooking competition, expect to see a lot of creative action in the kitchen as the contestants come under the scrutiny of the judges.

Snack vs Chef Netflix cast

The show will be hosted by Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu. Kondabolu is an American stand-up comic and creator of 2017 documentary The Problem With Apu.

Snack Vs Chef judges and hosts
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Stalter is an American comedic actor best known for her roles in Hacks, and Queer As Folk (2022). She will also feature in upcoming movie Cora Bora.

Of course, the 12 chefs – who are battling to be crowned the winner and take home the grand prize – make up the cast along with the judges.

Snack Vs Chef judges

Snack Vs Chef’s judges are living out every adult’s childhood dream – getting to go to work and eat snacks and candy all day long.

Snack Vs Chef judges and hosts
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First up is Helen Park, culinary director of La Boite. She previously worked as culinary innovation specialist for Nestle and was culinary director of product development, restaurants and venues for Whole Foods.

Judge number two is Ali Bouzari. He is a culinary scientist, author, educator and co-founder of Pilot R&D. Bouzari has a PhD in food biochemistry and has featured in the 30 Under 30 List of both Forbes and Zagat.

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