The Terrace House reality franchise has been popular in Japan for the past four years, but it is slowly making its way across the world and increasing in popularity.

The series follows six strangers – three men and three women – all living in the same house together. They go about their everyday business, working their jobs and so on and so forth; all that is required is that they live together over the course of nearly a year.

Although cast members come and go, with often very tearful goodbyes, there are always six members living together in Terrace House.

The fifth series, called Terrace House: Tokyo, has just dropped Part 1 to Netflix. It did kick off back in May 2019 on Netflix Japan, but now it is available for all their fans to enjoy.

Here are the cast members of Terrace House: Tokyo so far!

Screenshot: Risako in Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 E1 – Netflix

Kaori Watanabe

Kaori was the first to enter Terrace House this year.

She is a 28-year-old illustrator and artist who also works creating work for fashion magazines.

Kaori was born on June 25th, 1990 and is currently based in Tokyo, even prior to filming Terrace House.

Kaori’s gorgeous illustrations are featured all over her Instagram, where she has nearly 200,000 followers. Check out her work @foxco_kaori. You can also purchase some of her work through her website.

Shohei Matsuzaki

Before he entered the show, Shohei was living and working in Taipei, Taiwan. He said he had moved there because he was always a fan of Taiwanese movies!

Shohei was born on October 9th, 1993 making him 25-years-old.

He said he works as a model and actor. From Shohei’s IMDB profile we can see he only has one listed acting role, in Rongu goddobai: Tantei Furui Kurinosuke (2017).

Shohei is much more successful as a model and has done multiple magazine spreads and campaigns for the likes of Reebok.

You can follow Shohei on Instagram @matuzakishohei.

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Haruka Okuyama

The Terrace House is always filled with gorgeous young singles, so it’s no surprise that Shohei isn’t the only actor and model.

Haruka Okuyama is a 24-year-old actress and model born on March 24th, 1995.

While she looks the real image of feminine beauty and grace, the show’s regular panel often jokes about Haruka’s ojisan (middle-aged man) hobbies. She’s passionate about cars more than anything in the world and loves drag racing!

Check out some of the cars she’s obsessed with on her Insta @harukaoffi.

Kenji Yoshihara

Kenji – or Kenny as he goes by – is the eldest in the Terrace House at the age of 31-years-old.

Musician, guitarist and artist Kenny was born on June 2nd, 1987. He is currently the frontman of the band SPiCYSOL.

Be sure to follow Kenny on Instagram for all his latest musical updates @kenny_spicysol. Plus, he posts loads of behind the scenes snaps of the Terrace House!

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Risako Tanabe

Although she may look adorable, fitness trainer and parkour enthusiast Risako can hold her own!

She’s the youngest girl in Terrace House at just 21-years-old. Risako was born on January 14th, 1998.

Follow her on Instagram @risako_tanabe for all her latest fitness pics, stunning selfies and cute snaps with her pug!

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Ruka Nishinoiri

The baby of the bunch is Ruka, who is just 20-years-old. Born on December 1st, 1998, Ruka will be turning 21 inside the Terrace House.

Ruka works part-time at Murasaki Sports.

Not too much is known about Ruka, as from the outset of the show he acknowledged that he was a very quiet and shy person. He is so shy that he doesn’t even have an Instagram!