The Ultimatum is back and this time the show is in France. The Ultimatum France features a brand new cast of six couples.

The show’s participants are at a crossroads in their relationships. On The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, that’s exactly what the cast will have to do – either commit to their partners for life or leave their relationship entirely.

All of the couples are different but they all have something in common. So, let’s get to know The Ultimatum France cast members – Sophianne, Richy, Lindsay, Catherine, and co…

The Ultimatum France cast: Lina and Sophianne

Singer-songwriter and writer Sophianne and his partner, Lina, have been together for two years.

Sophianne, 31, said that since he was a kid, his dream was to live in the US and make music.

He said he wants to: “…work with the people who inspired him in his youth.”

Sophianne wants Lina to follow him in his dreams and ambitions.

However, 29-year-old Lina says that she’s not ready to live someone else’s dream.

Neither of them is willing to give in which is causing the couple issues.

Sophianne is giving Lina the ultimatum on the show.

Follow Sophianne on Instagram @sophianne_ultimatumfr and Lina at @lina_ultimatumfr.

Théo and Romane

Another couple on the show that has been together for two years is Romane and Théo.

Romane is 25 years old and wants to see some commitment from her partner.

Sports coach and trainer Théo is 23 years old.

Romane is a hip-hop dance teacher. She’s giving Théo an ultimatum as she feels that she’s not a priority in his life.

Follow Romane on IG at @romane_ultimatumfr.

Richy and Catherine on The Ultimatum France
Credit: Netflix France YouTube channel/The Ultimatum France

The Ultimatum France cast: Catherine and Richy

Catherine and Richy are also in a two-year-long relationship.

Richy said that when they met it was “love at first sight.”

Catherine is 24 years old and is a restaurant owner.

Her parents are old-fashioned and aren’t accepting of Catherine living with Richy before they’re married.

Sales agent Richy is 27 years old. He doesn’t want to get married under pressure.

Catherine is giving Richy an ultimatum and she’s willing to lose him if he won’t commit to marriage on the show.

Catherine and Richy are on Instagram at @catherine_ultimatumfr and @richy__ultimatumfr.

Lindsay and Scott on The Ultimatum France
Credit: Netflix France YouTube channel/The Ultimatum France

Lindsay and Scott

The next couple’s relationship is five and a half years-strong

Scott and Lindsay also said that it was “love at first sight” for them.

Scott is a 28-year-old sports coach.

Lindsay works as a nurse and is 24 years old.

Scott thinks that once a couple gets married no one makes an effort any longer, everything is taken for granted, and has no interest in marriage.

Lindsay wants a ring so she’s giving Scott the ultimatum.

Scott is on IG at @scott_ultimatumfr and Lindsay can be found at @Lindsay_ultimatumfr.

The Ultimatum France cast: Aléna and Benjamin

Five and a half years into their relationship, Aléna and Benjamin are also starring in the Netflix series.

Restaurant manager Benjamin is 30 years old.

Aléna grew up in Russia until she was 21 and then she moved to France. After moving to Europe, she fell in love with Benjamin and said that he makes her “happy.”

She works as a sommelier and is 29 years old. Aléna said that she’s tired of waiting for marriage and has been expecting an engagement ring for the past two years.

Follow Aléna on Instagram at @blueberrynights and Benjamin at @benleroyw.

Sarah and André on The Ultimatum France
Credit: Netflix France YouTube channel/The Ultimatum France

Sarah and André

André and Sarah have been together for two years. They met on social media.

Now, André is giving Sarah an ultimatum because he wants marriage and kids.

Sarah says that they’re “happy” together and that she’s not keen on the idea of marriage, comparing it to a “prison.”

André is 23 years old and works as a driver. Sarah is a 26-year-old esthetician.

Sarah and André can be found on Instagram at @sarah_ultimatumf and @andre_ultimatum.



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