Meet Tiny House Nation's Zack Giffin - Instagram, wife and home life explored

Meet Tiny House Nation's Zack Giffin - Instagram, wife and home life explored

Tiny House Nation is one of the most surprisingly addictive shows that Netflix has to offer, bizarre as the show’s concept may be.

In each episode, co-hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America to help people move into their dream home… one which can only to occupy a space no bigger than 500 square feet. It’s called ‘Tiny House Nation’ for a reason!

With Zack on the building side of things, it’s up to John to take the reigns of the interviews and some filming. As the houses are tiny, it often involves a lot of downsizing the number of belongings they own and Zack working on creating some innovative storage solutions.

So, who is resident builder Zack Giffin and how did he end up on Tiny House Nation?

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Who is Zack Giffin?

Zack Giffin grew up in Colorado with two brothers in a small mining town called Gold Hill.

He is married to Alexandra Griffin and they got hitched in 2018 and the pair have a dog together called Jojo

With Alex also being a huge fan of the outdoors, the pair are a match made in heaven. With Zack even calling Alex his moon goddess.

According to an interview Zack did for Outdoor Research, his fun fact is that he has deformed feet due to ski boots. Zack also reveals that his diet largely consists of spaghetti and oatmeal. Healthy, huh?

Does Zack really live in a tiny house?

Zack does indeed live in a tiny house, which explains his extensive knowledge of the projects.

There are many reasons that Zack lives in a tiny house, however, according to an interview he did with The New York Times, he and Alex are happy not to have a mortgage and enjoy travelling around in their tiny home.

The Tiny House Nation builder lives for extreme skiing and living in a tiny house means he is able to travel around the country and still have home comforts.

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Is Zack Giffin on Instagram?

Zack can be found on plenty of social media channels including Instagram where he shares adorable pictures of him and Alex, alongside their journeys and dog, Jojo!

You can join Zack’s 27,000-strong following @zackgiffin.

If that isn’t enough, Zack and Alex have an Instagram for Jojo too, where can you view tons of adorable dog pics.




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