The dating series is like no other in that the contestants have their prize money deducted should they engage in any kind of sexual activity!

As with all dating shows, the contestants may find love on-screen but it doesn’t mean that it’ll last once Too Hot To Handle has finished airing. So, let’s take a look at where Melinda and Marvin are now.

The final episodes dropped on June 30th and viewers at home have been looking for more information on who is still together after the show.

Please note that *spoilers follow down below for the Netflix show as we reveal who won this year’s series.

melinda and marvin too hot to handle
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Too Hot To Handle: Meet Melinda and Marvin

New Yorker Melinda and Paris-born Marvin shacked up together on Too Hot To Handle season 2. However, their relationship was off and on.

Melinda describes herself as the “queen of sass” and is one of 16 children.

Along similar lines, Marvin described himself as ‘The French King’ during his Too Hot To Handle introduction video.

After much suspense towards the final minutes of season 2, Marvin was revealed as the 2021 winner of the show.

Lana revealed that she decided to give him the grand cash prize since he managed to connect on an emotional level with Melinda.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Melinda and Marvin in 2021

Judging by Melinda and Marvin’s Instagram accounts, the THTH contestants are still as hot as ever!

Neither Marvin or Melinda are displaying any signs of being in relationships, however, they could be keeping their love lives private given that Too Hot To Handle season 2 is currently airing on Netflix.

Many viewers have yet to catch up with the final episodes so the two Netflix stars might not want to reveal any romantic details for the time being.

Marvin has nearly 400k followers on Instagram @marvin.anthony_, while Melinda has over 172k @melinda_melrose.

Marvin comments on Melinda’s IG post!

In the 21st century, there’s nothing that says ‘we fancy each other’ more than a bit of social media vibing. However, the Melinda-Marvin relationship potential may be a little lacking as it looks like it’s mainly Marvin who’s showing love on the ‘gram.

On June 25th 2021, Marvin wrote a comment on Melinda’s Instagram post reading: “Wooo” complete with a ‘fire’ emoji.

Now, this could certainly mean that Marv has the hots for Melinda, but it unfortunately doesn’t confirm any kind of relationship status!

Marvin also posted to Instagram on June 25th and his co-star Larissa wrote: “A KING” on his post. So, it’s entirely possible that the Too Hot To Handle cast are just very supportive friends.

Melinda did post some heart-eye emojis on Marvin’s post on June 23rd, but only time will tell how their romance pans out on Too Hot To Handle.



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