What is the Midnight Diner theme song? Netflix original soundtrack explored

Midnight Diner, or Shinya Shokudo as it is known in Japan, is well-known among Japanese audiences. With it now airing on Netflix, the rest of the world is catching on. 

The series, based on Yaró Abe’s best-selling manga of the same name, follows the comings-and-goings of diners at the Midnight Diner.

The small 12 seat Izakaya is the show’s location. It is called Meshiya and is in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This restaurant is overseen by the Master (Kaoru Kobayashi), who will cook anything the diners bring in and talk them through their troubles, love life and so on.

The whole series is soundtracked by a folksy-bluesy sound, but it is the theme song which really captures the slow and thoughtful essence of the show. So, who is the theme song by? We’ve done some digging into the Midnight Diner OST to find out more.

Midnight Diner 2 – Netflix

Midnight Diner returns to Netflix

There have been five series made of Midnight Diner to date. It began in 2009 with new series airing up to 2019.

There were already three seasons of the show on Japanese television before Netflix picked up season 4 in 2016. It went on to spawn at least two live-action movie spinoffs and a Korean television remake.

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Netflix currently has three seasons of Midnight Diner and two seasons of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories to stream.

What is the Midnight Diner theme song?

  • Omoide (Memories) by Tsunekichi Suzuki

Omoide is a song taken from Tsunekichi Suzuki’s 2006 album “Zeigo.”

In the 1980s, he was a member of a group called Cement Mixers. Tsunekichi Suzuki went on to have his own solo projects as well as collaborations with fellow musicians such as Shachu Tsurereko in the ’90s.

“Zeigo” was his first solo album. On this project, he sings folk and blues songs accompanied by the guitar and accordion. You can buy the album here.

The melody of Omoide is originally taken from an 18th century Irish ballad called A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow.

Midnight Diner soundtrack

Japanese musician Fukuhara Kimie performed many of the tracks on the Midnight Diner soundtrack.

Other featured artists are Younha, Jingyeong Choi, Park Jin Woo, and Kim Folk.

You can find the full Midnight Diner original soundtrack on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon music.

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Midnight Diner – Netflix




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