Mimi Morris is joining Bling Empire season 2, but the truth is she has already built her own empire. In fact, it’s so successful that she was surrounded by a staircase filled with Chanel bags at Christmas…

The Netflix newbie, who is married to Don Morris, has been added to the line-up of cast members who aren’t afraid to flaunt their wealth – from Christine’s Louis Vuitton high jewelry to Anna Shay’s regularly designer delivery.

Based on a group of Asian friends living in America, Mimi is just as rich as the rest of them. So, just how much is she worth and what does she do for a living? She went from living in a hole to starting a business, and here’s how.

Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

What does Mimi Morris do for a living?

Mimi gets most of her income by working on brand deals and endorsements as a social media influencer. Now a reality TV personality too, she also runs her own business and works as an entrepreneur.

A self-acclaimed philanthropist, she runs The Morris Group with her husband Don, who is the company CEO. With over 35K followers on Instagram, including Nicole James from RHOC, Mimi has built up a strong social media presence!

She also confessed her love of Chanel, which she is covered in most of the time, during a photoshoot working with Vinh Phan Photography. Mimi even has a surfboard from the designer brand!

The Bling Empire star’s net worth

Mimi and her husband Don’s combined net worth is thought to be a whopping $1 billion, as per The Cinemaholic. Mr. Morris’ personal net worth is currently at around $800K thanks to running his own business.

Don has worked for The Morris Group for more than 50 years, which was originally opened by Earl L. Morris in 1945. The company supplied pipe valves, fittings, and related products to Southern California shipyards during World War II.

It’s clear how successful the company is, as the couple are never seen without designer accessories and clothes, regularly take private jets to travel the globe, and live in a huge mansion with their family.

Mimi used to be homeless

Mimi went from living in a hole while growing up as a child in Vietnam surrounded by war. She revealed on the show that she tried to escape her village with her siblings at the age of seven but didn’t manage to leave.

This meant she had no option but to live in a large hole in the ground for two years with little food and water. Eventually, the Bling Empire star was able to do the journey from Vietnam to the United States.

That’s when she started modeling for different brands, and launched a business. Now, she lives in an impressive $8.8 million home in the gated community of Strand at Headlands in California with her family.



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