International etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho is helping people elevate their lives in her new Netflix series Mind Your Manners. The six-episode series dropped on the streaming service on November 16 and features a different client in each episode.

Some of the show’s cast are wanting to reimagine their lives after motherhood, while others want to be more “ladylike,” and some are also seeking dating etiquette tips from Sara Jane. The final episode of the show sees one of Sara Jane’s clients head to Dr Benny Fan’s office. So, let’s find out more about the doctor including his acupuncture services and location…

Meet Bunny from Mind Your Manners

During the final episode of Mind Your Manners, viewers are introduced to Bunny Yan.

Bunny, 39, is a fashion storyteller.

Explaining her name on the Netflix show, Bunny said: “So, Bunny is my nickname. It’s been following me for the last 20 years. It came from that commercial energizer bunny because I just keep on going and going and going…”

Bunny wanted to still be herself but become “more acceptable” after her course with Sara Jane Ho.

She can be found on Instagram at @sooobunny with almost 25k followers.

Bunny visits Dr Benny Fan

During Mind Your Manners episode 6, we see Sara Jane take Bunny to visit Dr Benny Fan for some Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sara Jane says on the show: “In order to stay young, stay beautiful, stay healthy and stay good energy, Chinese Medicine.”

Dr Benny checks Bunny’s pulse which is essentially like a full-body scan. He says that he can see that her “lung pulse is very strong” which means that she has “excessive fire of the lung,” Dr Benny adds that from this, he can tell that she’s “easily excited and loud.”

He then begins an acupuncture session on Bunny which she describes as an “interesting sensation,” before she shots her dose of a Chinese Medicine drink.

Dr Benny Fan from Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners viewers got to see a glimpse of the treatments that Dr Benny does at his practice.

He’s based in New South Wales, Australia and his office is located at 741 George St, Haymarket, Sydney.

Per his website, Dr Benny has Chinese Medicine in his blood: “Dr Benny Fan’s family have been practising TCM for over three generations. His grandfather was a Shaolin monk and expert in Chinese medicine, Qigong, and Martial arts.”

It also states that he’s been learning the ropes from his grandfather since the age of seven.

Dr Benny has degrees in Chinese Medicine and Herbal medicine and patients travel from all over the world to see him.



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