Blown Away's Minhi is 'Demystifying Grief' after losing her husband


Blown Away's Minhi is 'Demystifying Grief' after losing her husband

Blown Away is back in 2022 and brings with it a group of incredible glass artists including Dan Friday, Minhi Su England and Rob Stern. The competition is more than just glass blowing, in competitor Minhi’s words: “It’s a mental game”.

The Netflix show is onto its third season this year and Katherine Gray and Nick Uhas are hosts. Each week different guest judges join the hosts and give the contestants a challenge to complete. From creating abstract art with glass to functional champagne flutes, the 10 glass artists have their work cut out. Let’s find out more about one of this year’s Blown Away competitors – Minhi Su England.

BLOWN AWAY. (L to R) Trenton Quiocho, Rob Stern, Katherine Gray, John Moran, Claire Kelly, Maddy Hughes, Dan Friday, Nick Uhas, Brenna Baker, Minhi England, John Sharvin, and Grace Whiteside in BLOWN AWAY. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Meet Minhi Su England

Minhi Su England is a glass artist who lives in Seattle, Washington. Minhi Su England owns a glass-blowing studio named Liquid Lush Studio with her friend Bri Chesler per Sportskeeda.

She’s 33 years old and specialises as a glass memorial artist.

Minhi’s Instagram page shows that she’s been blowing glass since at least 2012. She has over 2.3K followers on IG @m.i.n.h.i.

Minhi on Blown Away

Blown Away season 3 features 10 glass blowers who are all taking part in the Netflix series in a bid to win ‘Best in Glass’, residency at the Corning Museum of Glass and a cash prize of $60,000.

Minhi is half Korean and speaking of her childhood on the Netflix series, she said that she “grew up in a really small town” where she was “different”. Minhi added that she feels that she “belongs” in the glass-blowing community.

Minhi “loves a challenge” and also said that she loves to be underestimated as it makes her work harder.

The Blown Away star is a young widow

Minhi got married in 2020. A year later, she sadly lost her husband to cancer and has spoken about her tragic loss on Blown Away.

Speaking on Blown Away, Minhi said: “Being here in this competition is definitely part of my transformation… Recently I watched the most important person in my life perish before my eyes. But, the people who love me often ask me how I keep getting up every single morning and putting a smile on my face and it has everything to do with my perspective and with my ability to just see brighter days.”

Taking to Instagram in August 2021, Minhi said that she “made a pendant with @jesseengland ashes inside”.

She wrote in the IG caption: “This design is by far the most impactful and powerful design I have ever created. I have made hundreds (maybe thousands) of these for grieving clients and I never thought I would be here making one of my husband.”

Minhi writes in her Instagram bio that she’s a “Professional Bubble Blower”, “Creative Maker”, “Grief Demystifier”, and a “Young Widow”.



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