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Lenox Hill: Where is Mitzie Hensley now? Netflix star's post-surgery journey revealed

Ever since Lenox Hill arrived on Netflix, it has quickly become one of the most favourite docuseries on the streaming platform.

The documentary follows the work of doctors at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Every episode features patients and their emotional stories as doctors fight for their lives.

While Lenox Hill has the aim to focus on the incredible work medical workers do every day, it also shows the special bond between doctors and their patients.

One of those special moments witnessed by viewers is the story of Mitzie Hensley in episode 5.

This article has details for Lenox Hill’s episode 5 ‘Undercurrents’.

Mitzie and Tony in Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill: Meet Mitzie

Episode 5 follows Mitzie Hensley who has been admitted to the hospital for brain tumor surgery.

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Mitzie found out about her illness at the end of 2017 and the documentary follows the days before and after her tumor removal.

What’s really special about this episode is the bond between Mitzie, her partner Tony and Dr David Langer – the neurosurgeon behind the surgery.

Mitzie and Dr Langer know each other and he later reveals that it’s hard to operate on someone close to you.

Where is Mitzie now?

After the premiere of the documentary, Tony has taken to Facebook to say that Mitzie needed another visit to the hospital. She has been admitted back to Lenox Hill on Saturday, June 13th.

He wrote on Facebook: “To everyone who has followed Mitzie Hensley’s journey, thank you! Unfortunately, she is having some issues with her shunt that they refuse to address here due to their malpractice.”

Tony continued:

So with that being said, we will leave for New York Saturday and she will be admitted back into Lenox Hill Hospital to address her issues. Thank you for your prayers in advance and will do my best to keep everyone up to date.

Viewers share messages to Mitzie and Tony

Netflix viewers have shared messages full of love and support to Mitzie and Tony.

Many have sent their wishes and prayers under Tony’s Facebook post, saying that they hope Mitzie has a speedy recovery.

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