60 Days In: Monalisa Johnson's daughter has been released from jail

After what felt like a lifetime of a wait, Netflix has finally released 60 Days In season 2 to their site for UK viewers to enjoy.

The series follows eight volunteers as they go undercover as prisoners at Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Each of the participants have their reasons for appearing on the show. Whether it’s that they have loved ones incarcerated and want to empathise, or whether they don’t understand and question how the prison system functions.

The program is intended to last 60 days. But only the toughest will be able to outlast the prison environment and hopefully learn some lessons along the way.

One of the participants in 60 Days In season 2 who has a complicated relationship with the law – as a result of her daughter’s actions – is Monalisa Johnson. Find out about Monalisa here.

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Who is Monalisa Johnson?

Monalisa Johnson, 52, is the founder of Parents With Incarcerated Children. This is a national support and advocacy group for parents who have incarcerated children. She is living in New York City with her husband Lorenzo.

Speaking in an interview about why she created the organisation, Monalisa said:


I started that out of my pain because I had nowhere to turn. Society is so judgmental, especially our Black society. We hate on each other so badly, it is just kind of sad. When we know that the majority of our families are the ones that are being disproportionately affected. Yet, we judge each other so bad to say that, “You know what, there has got to be something wrong with the parents if the kid goes to jail. It has got to be some sort of way that they were raised. It is just got to be their fault.” You know what? In some cases they are right. In some cases they are not, you know. I created this so that they could have an outlet and find the resources that they needed to get through this.

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Monalisa on 60 Days In

Monalisa was inspired to take on the 60 Days In program after her daughter fell into a life of crime. When we met Monalisa on the show, her daughter was serving a ten-year mandatory sentence.

While taking part in the program, Monalisa was greatly affected by the realities of jail. It was particularly hard for Monalisa, as the way she was living at Clark County Jail was the way her daughter lived her day-to-day life.

In the final episode of the series, Monalisa said “going to jail changed my relationship with Sierra in every single aspect.”

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What happened to Monalisa’s daughter?

In 2012, Sierra Johnson was a straight A student and even graduated from high school early, securing a place at an Atlanta college. While at college, Sierra became involved with drugs and began taking “Molly,” or MDMA, a recreational party drug. When Monalisa had not heard from her daughter for two weeks, uncovered that she was skipping class, she received a phone call from Sierra explaining that she was in jail. Sierra had been arrested for armed robbery.

What came to light was that Sierra and a school friend had been manipulated by an older man with a violent criminal past into committing this armed robbery. In the state of Georgia, this offence results in mandatory jail time.

Monalisa Johnson’s daughter Sierra has since been released from jail.

On December 20th, 2017, Monalisa posted on Facebook that Sierra had been released one day earlier. Monalisa wrote:

It is finished. My daughter is finally free. As of 12/19 @ 8pm. After mounds of paperwork, major snafoos, mixups and lots of gratitude allow me to introduce you to my one and only flesh of my flesh and blood… SIERRA!
Nothing but the miracle working power of God, massive hope, goo gobbs of patience and hard work and determination got her released 5 years Early!

Screenshot: 60 Days In S2 E1 – Netflix




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