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What is Myriam Fares' net worth? Netflix singer's earnings in 2021!

Myriam Fares has brought out a Netflix show highlighting her singing career journey. So, what are her earnings and 2021 net worth?

Becoming the first Netflix documentary on an Arab artist, Myriam Fares: The Journey will focus on her career, family and personal life.

Known as the “Queen of the Stage”, viewers will get an insight into her pregnancy, album preparations, and how she spent lockdown with family.

So, what is Myriam Fares’ net worth in 2021? Following the launch of the series, several fans have wondered what her earnings are this year.

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What is Myriam Fares’ net worth?

  •  $408K

Myriam has accumulated her worth from being a successful singer.

The 37-year-old, who is married to businessman Danny Mitri, is thought to have increased her net worth since 2020.

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She has also built up her own production company, Myriam Music, and has made her sister the CEO and manager of the firm.

Myriam Fares: 2021 salary

A report states that Myriam makes approximately $2.94K per month.

However, this appears to take into account YouTube earnings and views only, so it is likely that Myriam also earns money from other revenues.

Her estimated salary has significantly risen since 2019, and she has 133.4K monthly listeners on music streaming app Spotify.

In the last 90 days, she is estimated to have made $10.8K.

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Myriam Fares: Career

She was mainly successful from the release of her debut album Bet’oul.

Myriam toured around the world, and appeared both on film and in the television show Fawazeer Myriam, which she presented for thirty episodes.

The Lebanese singer, dancer, actress and entertainer is recognized across the Middle East, for her singing and her choreographed dance routines.

Described as “Queen of the Stage”, she broke a record on music streaming service Anghami for most played artist and most played album for Aman.

She was nominated by Google as its Middle East ambassador in 2012.

Myriam also made her acting debut with TV soap opera Itiham in 2014.



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